Sunday, 23 March 2014

Stateland Cafe

Stateland Cafe

A small little cafe located near Kampong Glam, Bali Lane, where all the bars, pubs and cafes are, Stateland make its entrance there. The cafe serve all day breakfast, pasta, coffees, cakes and waffles. Its a good place to chill and there are not alot of people too. Will recommend for a chill out place. 

Simple menu and choice of food and drinks, well the honey toast does appeal to me

Home made Lemonade ($4.50) - so so only, taste of soda water 

Earl gray tea ($3.50) - Cheap is one thing, presentation is another. Just a cup of tea without refill does not really impress me very much. The tea is from Twinning if you are wondering what brand of tea bag. 

Statelander Honey Toast - Wow, look nice. A bottle of maple syrup is given too, but i suggest you do not need to pour. The toast itself is already buttery and sweet, especially the center of the toast. The ice cream and the butter make the toast sweet already. Delicious vanilla ice cream too. Berries are fresh. However, some part of the toast are especially hard. I had a hard time cutting through. Other than that, this dish is quite ok and tasty to me.

Red Velvet cake - Look good, but look can be deceiving. The cake is harder than i thought it is. Maybe because it is cold? That is what i thought and give the excuse, but actually not this case. The outer coating is sweet, together with the shaved coconut, making this cake alot sweeter.   

Operating Hours: 11am – 12mn (Mon – Sun)

Verdict: 3 / 5

Price: around $5 onwards

In terms of food, the quality does not really impress me. The cake is hard and sweet, the honey toast is crispy but also hard at the same time. I have difficulty cutting it with my knife.

Staff is not attentive to out order, they actually serve my toast and forgot about my cake which is just lying at the counter bar!!! Super mark down.

No receipt is given, please note.

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