Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Little Prince Creamy 小王子咖啡座

Little Prince Creamery is located under a HDB block and can be easily spotted by it's eye catching black and white interior. Coming to this place is not an easy task since i am not familiar with this neighbourhood. So this is how it goes: 
I took bus no. 235 from Toa Payoh interchange and alighted at the 5th stop. You would be able to see Blk 75 Lor 5 hawker centre just before alight. Cross the road to Blk 48, and you will be able to see Blk 47 just behind it.

Once you stepped in the cafe, you will be awed by how well 'drawn' the cafe is. The walls of the interior are painted in white and are hand drawn with black ink all over from the floor to the wall, with pictures of the main character, the Little Prince on the wall as well. 

Immerse yourself into the world of Little Prince with the books available for browsing. 

The chalkboard menu is just one glance away

Variety of gelatos available for selection

Mocha $4.50 - Stronger chocolate taste compared to coffee. Recommended for those who prefer their coffee to be sweeter.

Muar Otah Sandwich ($7.90) - A east meet west dish, sandwich with otah filling to match local's taste bud for spicy food. Crispy toasted sandwich filled with thick fish otah filling. Together with mayonnaise spread on top of the otah, this combination makes the sandwich taste unique. This is one of the recommended dish for hot items. Chips are nonetheless from Pringles potatoes chips. 

Thick otah patty!

2 Scoop of Classic waffles, Pistachio & Earl Gray ($9.30) - The waffle taste alright, crispy on the outside and fairly moist interiorly, however lacks buttery taste. I prefer Earl Gray to Pistachio, probably due to my preference for sweeter taste. The Earl Gray flavour is stronger and definitely sweeter than Pistachio. The pistachio gelato lacks the fragrance of roasted pistachio.

Verdict: 3.5 /5

It is a good place to chill out or a place for your children to hang about as they will get to read about the story of the Little Prince. For food wise, recommended for first timer. There are nicer café and gelato shop in nearby vicinity which are worth to try.

Blk 47 Lor 6 Toa Payoh #01-134 Singapore 310047

Tel: +65 8684 8218


Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Sun-Mon, Wed-Thurs), 12pm – 11pm (Fri-Sat), Closed Tues

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh - Chinatown Point

Opening its 5th branch at the Chinatown Point, Song Fa Bak Kut Teh have made their cuisine easily accessible to the locals and tourists. Public transport such as MRT and bus are just nearby and thus this location draws the office crowd from CBD too. I rushed to queue during my lunch break in order to avoid the lunch crowd. Luck is on my side as i manage to have a table within 5 minutes. 

Well, Song Fa Bak Kut Teh has been around for such a long time, they even managed to attract tourists to visit their shops. Since previously I did not have a chance to try their food, so I decided to drop by and decide for myself if it is good.

The place is packed with customers during lunch time, i guess it will be much worse during dinner time!

Have a look at the menu

From main dishes to braised dishes to side dishes and drinks, you will be able to see what they have to offer at a glance 

Lots of waiters and waitresses can be seen, hence it is easy to catch their attention

Homemade Barley ($1.80) - Sweetness is just right. The barley are nearly mashed up, hence it is much more easier to drink with the straw 

Chili and dark soy sauce are provided

Braised Pig's Intestines ($6.50) - At a glance, it does not really look delicious, but after I took a bite, my mind really blew off. I am bewildered by how clean the intestines are washed, absolutely no intestine smell at all. The intestines are well marinated and braised, the sauce can be tasted when you chew at the intestine. Braised sauce is savoury but not overwhelming. Highly recommended to order!

Premium Loin Ribs ($9.50) - Wow, this is really an expensive premium dish. The meat is very tender, easily to separate the meat from the bones. Well marinated and tasty too. The soup is very peppery and taste of garlic and peppers. However, the broth lack of the sweetness from the meat which is what I am looking for. I am really disappointed with it. This is just a dish which the ribs and the soup are prepared separately. Totally no fusion at all.   

Remember  to return the wet tissue if you do not require it, it will be deducted off your bill

There are 2 queues which are operating simultaneously, one is located at the front door while the other queue is located in the shopping mall itself. I will suggest to queue inside the shopping mall since there is air conditioner compared to the front door queue. 

Queue inside shopping mall

Verdict: 3.5 /5

The taste of the food is fairly usual, I do not feel that there is any "wow" factor. Although the pig's intestines and the loin ribs are good, it somehow lack the flavour that I am looking for.

Service provided by the staff is prompt and courteous, i am surprised since they appeared to be very busy and chaotic at times. Good job there!

Considering the price of the food sold here, I find it abit steep. Overall, I may not come back here again. Recommend for first timer only.

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Kow Loon Hong Kong Dim Sum - Ang Mo Kio

Kow Loon Hong Kong Dim Sum is a humble dim sum stall located within the heartland of Ang Mo Kio. This stall is easily missed if you are not a resident of this estate. I managed to drop by this place on a weekday afternoon and noticed that most tables were having their dim sum.

The kitchen occupies two units space, and the workers were busy wrapping dumplings and buns and steaming them on the spot.

Extensive picture menu

Crispy Taro Dumpling, Egg tarts and BBQ Pork Puff (4 for $3.80) - These items are sold separately in quantity of 4 pieces for each type. But you can always ask the nice auntie whether you can mix and match the types that you want to have. I like the BBQ pork puff as it is crispy with sweet pork filling. Taro dumpling tasted normal, no surprise. It is filled with small amount of taro paste with peas and carrot bites. As for egg tarts, taste just right for sweetness and the crust is not too hard too.

Salted Egg Yolk Bun ($3.80) - This salted egg yolk bun ooze out readily once you take a bite. Nice balance of butter and salted egg yolk. Eat it as soon as it is out from the steamer as the bun hardens after few minutes. I must say although this is not one of the best buns that i have tasted, but it is really very good. A must order dish!!

oozing in action!!

Yummy yellow sauce that ooze out after taking a bite

Fresh shrimp cheong fun ($3.00) - Each chee chong fun (rice roll) contain 3 prawns and the chee chong fun are really big in size. Served with light soy sauce, sesame and garnish. It gets harden quite easily hence it is better to eat it when it is served warm.

BBQ Pork Bun ($1.80) - These buns look like those that can be found in Hongkong cafe. Soft and chewy outer texture and you can find sweet and delicious pork filling once you tear open the bun. Wooooo, Yummy!! It's a pity that the amount of pork filling is lacking; otherwise this would be a wonderful bun.  

Mouth watering pork meat waiting for me to eat!!  

Shrimp dumplings ($3.80) - One and a half prawns are wrapped in each of the steam dumplings. The prawns are fresh and crunchy, sweet juice can be seem dripping out from the dumpling after taking the first bite. The skin of the dumpling is thin and i tasted more prawn than the flour after the first bite. I would recommend this dish!

Pork dumplings aka 'Siew Mai' ($3.00) - Another item with generous filling. The size of the siew mai is not big, but the pork meat is fully stuffed in each dumpling. What's more, you would be able to taste the sweetness of the pork meat too. I won't say that this is the best siew mai, but the freshness and generous amount of filling at such price is really worth ordering.

Chicken Big Bun ($2.00) - This is a super big bun! Lots of chicken meat iswrapped in the bun. This version of chicken bun is slightly different from the usual chicken bun that can be found outside. There is no hard-boiled egg in the bun but you can find a piece of Lap Cheong (Chinese sausage) on top of the big chunk of chicken meat. Chicken meat is dry and lump together, you may skip this with other worth ordering items.

Lap cheong within the chicken bun 

Steamed Pork Dumplings ($5.00) - Yes, you did not see any typo error on the price. For only $5, you get a taste on the renowned Xiao Long Bao (Steamed Pork Dumpling). Sweet pork juice can be found within the dumplings. The meat is fresh and tasty too. Eat together with vinegar and ginger to make it tastier

Lots of juice wrapped within the dumpling. Tasty sweet juice which I couldn't bear to waste.

Ginger slices and chilli sauce 

Verdict 3.5/5

Address: Blk 151 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #01/3030 Singapore 560151
Tel: 9685 9371
Opening hours: Daily 7:00-21:00

I like the food served here and the price is affordable too since they are located in a coffeeshop. I will certainly recommend this dim sum stall and will come back again.

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