Thursday, 21 August 2014

YY Kafei Dian 喜园咖啡店 - Beach Road/Purvis Street

YY Kafei Dian 喜园咖啡店 - Beach Road/Purvis Street

A crowded and busy old school Hainanese coffee shop located right at the end of Purvis street.

Make your order for all food and drinks at the counter.

Range of old school breakfast on display: Assorted breads, donuts, sugar cookies and muffins.

Back to the 60's chinese coffeeshop setting

Kopi, thick toast and half-boiled eggs ($4.90) - Thick toast was soft and fluffy on the interior with generous spread of home-made kaya and a thick slice of butter.

Typical Hainanese breakfast of early days

Hainanese chicken Rice ($4.00) - Both the steamed white chicken and roasted chicken were tender and rice was fragrant yet not oily. Overall food was on the salty side.

Verdict: 3.5/5

YY Kafei Dian sells a wide selection of Hainanese food which are equivalent to our typical local food. Zi cha menu is available as well for evening crowds.

Address: 37 Beach Road #01-01 Singapore 189678 (10min walk from Bugis Mrt Station, opposite National Library, at the end of Purvis street)
Opening Hours: Everyday 8am till 1030pm 

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Song Kee Fishball Noodle - Upper Thomson Road

Song Kee Fishball Noodle - Upper Thomson Road

Being one of the top fishball noodle stall in Singapore, Song Kee fishball noodle is well liked by both the old and young for its handmade fishballs. It is popular among the supper crowd as well as it opens till late night about 2pm or till the fishballs are sold out. Queue starts at around 630pm before it open for business at 7pm. 

Queue up to make your order

Mee Pok Dry ($6 big) - The big portion includes 3 large fishballs, 3 dumplings and 2 stuffed tau pok. All the ingredients are handmade fresh daily. You get to choose whether to add ketchup or chili sauce. I like all 3 ingredients especially the dumpling which was thinly wrapped with a unique flavoured pork and mushroom mixture. The tau pok was stuffed with an adequate amount of fish paste as well.  Mee pok noodle was good as well without yellow noodle aftertaste. 

Mee Tai Bak Dry ($4 small) - 3 fishballs, 1 dumpling and 1 tau pok

Home-made dumpling filled with minced pork and mushroom, tasty and delicious.

Hand-made fishball taste nice as well. The fishball is more firm compared to those machine made and you are able to taste the sweetness of the fishball itself. 

Clear soup filled with fishball taste

Do drop by for your bowl of satisfying fishball noodle if you are at Upper Serangoon region. 

Verdict: 3.5/5
Price: $4 - $6

Address: 532 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534547 (one bustop away or 10 mins walk from Serangoon MRT, located next to prata shop)

Opening hours: Around 7pm - 2am or till sold out

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Maco Vintage - Johor Bahru Cafe

Maco Vintage - Cafe Johor Bahru JB

Unfurnished shophouses selling local food are usually seen everywhere along the streets of Johor Bahru, and that is what they are famous for and what Singaporeans are looking for when they visit Jb over the weekend for food trip. Unlike the usual shophouses, Maco Vintage is a fairly good ambience themed cafe which serves French pastry, desserts, coffee and main dishes.

Modern and sleek interior design with widely spaced tables

Prompt service received whenever service button was pressed


Range of sweet and savoury dishes with very affordable prices

Trio Choco Mille Crepe Cake (RM8.50) - White, milk and dark chocolate layered accordingly from the top till bottom of mille crepe. Not fantastic as it appears due to its lack of texture.

Croissant Smoke Salmon (RM18) - One of the best dish ordered in this cafe. The mini croissants were buttery and crispy, while the generous serving of smoked salmon was thick and fresh. Quite worthy for the price paid for.

Chicken Ham Pizza (15RM) - Thin crust pizza was thin and crispy, taste ordinary.

Waffle (RM12) - Waffle was too chewy with mochi texture. Overall too sweet and hard to chew.

Assorted flavours of Mille Crepe on display

This cafe is very well furnished and thus I had set higher expectation for its food and dessert. Food could be improved to match with its good ambience.

Verdict: 3/5
Price: RM30 per pax

Address: 18, Jalan Ibrahim, Johor Bahru 80000, Malaysia (located next to Hiap Joo Bakery which sells banana cake and opposite Kin Wah coffeeshop, 10 mins walk from city square jb)

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 1230pm-11pm
Sat 11am-12am
Sun 11am-11pm

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  • Kin Wah Kedai Makan 锦华餐室 (Johor baru)

    Kin Wah Kedai Makan 锦华餐室 

    Located at the corner street of Jalan Trus, this shop can be spotted with the big Chinese style gate. This shop served authentic chinese breakfast such as half boiled egg and toast. It is especially crowded during weekend and hard to find seats too. During sunday or public holiday, the crowd can last from morning till lunch time.  

    The eggs used for half boiled egg are all organic. The chicken used are kampong chicken, no chemical use to inject into these chicken, as per the boss. Hence, i think it is more healthy this way. The eggs are fresher and somewhat taste better 

    Have some old school Kopi or teh C to go along with your breakfast

    Kaya toast - The toast are done by the boss himself. Toast are spread with kaya and a piece of margarine, yummmy... 

    Nonya Laksa (RM 5) - You can choose the type of noodle that you want. The owner give a generous ingredients such as egg, sliced fish cake, fishball and a whole piece of tau pok.Very spicy and coconutty, a must to try when you are here. 

    Opening hour: 7am till afternoon

    Verdict: 3.5 / 5

    Nice place to have your breakfast especially if you miss the old school taste. Here is definitely a must to come and experience it yourself. I like the food here and the crowd, remind me when i am young. Whats more, the the price is cheap too.