Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Peng Catering Services Restaurant

Along a row of shophouses in a private estate in Hougang, you will hardly notice about Peng restaurant. Unless you are a Christian, if not you will not know about this place like me. I was introduced by my fellow colleague, hence we decided to try out this place. This place is located along the same row of shops as Lee Wee Brother’s Otah.

Quite empty during lunch time, but i guess they cater for dinner and weekend diners

Cold Dish $38 - What can be bad about cold dish?? LOL, Spring roll is crispy, you will find other side dishes like ngo niang (taste ok), century egg and baby octopus. Jellyfish were placed at the center of the dish. 

Sweet & sour pork $15 - Yummy!! I always love sweet and sour pork!! Guy's favourite dish right?! haha. Pork cubes were deep fried and the texture is not too hard. Tomato sauce is just right, i don't find it too sweet.

Cereal Prawn $38 - Woohoo, another of my favourite seafood dish. The prawns are large and fresh. Together with the cereal, absolutely give out a fragrant sweet mouthwatering smell. It's a pity that the cereal is not sweet enough and the mixture of margarine is not well done. I can taste chunk of margarine when i scoop some of the cereal to eat. 

Sambal Kang Kong $15 - Although it is call sambal but hardly spicy at all. Cuttlefish were added in with the kangkong

Oyster omelette $12 - Another recommended dish by the staff, but not to my liking. It could be I prefer fresh oyster rather than other varieties of consuming oyster. The iron taste is quite strong and the egg is quite moist too. 

Claypot chicken $24 - This is my favourite dish and was highly recommended by the staff. Gong Bao taste alike but it is not so spicy but rather more sweet and savoury. Chicken chunks are nicely chopped and well marinated. I can really finish the whole claypot chicken myself!!. HAHAHA

Signature Homemade Beancurd $16 - Moist and soft beancurd. The sweet and spicy sauce is very appetizing. Eat with freshly cut cucumbers to get that extra crunchiness  

Opening Hour: 11am - 2.30pm & 5.30pm - 10.30pm

Contact number: 
+65 62896975

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

I must compliment about their service, prompt and efficient. Maybe is because of the lesser crowd during lunch time, where else the refilling of tea is quite noticeable.

For the food served, it taste normal. I don't find any hype about it. But in terms of price and large family dinning, i will recommend this place.

Updated on 31/08/15

Recently went back here again to try other food. 

Venison with spring onions - Not too bad, the venison is well cooked 

Prawn paste chicken wings - Not really tasty and i cant taste prawn paste

Hotplate omelette 

Home made Yam paste - $8 for small serving which can serve 6 pax i think is worth it. The yam is very smoothing plus ginkgo nuts are add in.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Kam Jia Zhuang Seafood 甘家庄 - Ang Mo Kio

At the beginning, when i heard my mum saying she wanted to have her dinner at Ang Mo Kio Blk 202 zi cha stall, I wondered what was that? I have never heard before. Upon checking up on the internet, this place was actually quite famous after all. Hence, i decided to make a reservation. 

On the day for dinner, we went earlier before the reservation time. However, due to an afternoon heavy rain, the earlier reservation slot got delay. My family and I had to wait till our table (which were occupied) for earlier group of customers to leave. Worse still, they were waiting for their food to be served!! However, there were 2 empty tables that were not occupied but we were not allowed to sit on those tables as they are "reserved" and kept for other customers. Didn't we made a reservation too?  So, after much debating, we got our seats.

Sweet & Sour Pork ($15 medium) - For a medium size dish, there is quite a lot of pork garnished with pineapple, green pepper, tomatoes and onions. Although the colour was not bright red, yet it still taste sweet and tasty. Pork cubes are not overly fried and the meat retain its tender texture.  

Prawn Paste Chicken Wing ($14 medium) - Everyone's favourite dish.  I must say that these chicken wings are juicy on its inside. I can't really taste and prawn paste on the wings outer skin, but the wings are well marinated. 

Yam Ring ($18 medium) - Crispy yam ring filled with fresh prawns, mushroom, meat and vegetables. This is one of Teochew's favourite. Yam's sweetness is just right, not too oily on the outside. Fillings are fresh and yummy too. Recommended if you like yam!! 

Teochew style steam fish ( $36) -  Fresh promfret steamed with beancurd, tomatoes, sour plum and preserved vegetables. Appetizing sourly soup with fish combination is always to my liking. I can just finish the whole fish myself.  

Do check the price of the fish before ordering.

Sambal Kang Kong ($9 medium) - Abit too salty and too flavourful. The mixture is not balance. 

Pumpkin Prawn ($24 medium) - One of the recommended dish. The prawns are big and fresh. De-shelled, mixed with flour before frying. Pumpkin sauce is very appetizing and goes well with the prawn. Highly recommended!!! 

Crab Vermicelli ( $66 - Price varies with crab market rate) - Another highly recommended dish. Big Sri Lanka crab with lots of roe!!! Main focus is not on the crab but on the vermicelli. The vermicelli fully absorbed the broth which make it so tasty. Although the dish is a bit wet, it does bring out the savoury taste. Must Try!!

Opening Hour: 3pm - 11.30pm

Contact number: 
+65 90067727
+65 91516798

Verdict: 4 / 5

Good food at a cheaper price and not too bad service. I recommend this place for dinner or family gathering. Although I was pissed off by how they manage the seating arrangement, but the staffs did not flare up at us. Kudos to them on their service level.

I will come back again to try their other recommended dishes!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

根叔美食世家 - Toa Payoh

Owned and managed by a family from Hong Kong. Chef himself made authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum and other dishes that are on par with those that are sold in Hong Kong. Located at the heartland of Toa Payoh market, long queue can be seen from this small hawker stall early in the morning. Recommended to come here before 12pm to avoid disappointment as food gets sold out fast.  

Yam Cake with Preserved Meat ($2.20 small)

This handmade steamed yam cake has very smooth and mashy texture that melt in your mouth. It can be easily scooped with your spoon like eating mash potatoes. Traces of yam cubes could be found within the cake, adding on to the texture of it. Fried onions and sesame seeds are sprinkled on top as garnish. 

The brown sauce is sweet, the kind that you can find outside. Wonderful combination.

Glutinous Chicken Rice (Lo Mai Kai) ($3.00)

The long shaped glutinous rice is filled with delicious chicken meats, mushroom, salted egg yolk and Lup Cheong (Chinese sausage). Salted egg yolk and Lup cheong mixed with soft glutinous rice give out aromatic fragrant and yet dancing around with my taste buds. Totally love this dish as the glutinous rice is done just right, not too sticky or lumpy.

Fried Bee Hoon ($2.20 small)

Surprising this fried bee hoon is rather tasty. It is not dry but quite moist. The bee hoon is fried with ikan bilis broth, which enhance its taste, together with vegetables.  

Prawn Dumpling ($3.00 for 3)

The dumplings are fully packed with prawns, slices of mushroom, carrots and minced meat. Tasty with juicy fillings which i can't stop myself from having more. Really must try!!!


Blk 74 Toa Payoh Lorong 4, Market & Food Centre
#01-03 Singapore 310074

Opening Hours:

Tue-Sun: 6am - 130pm
(Closed on Mon)

Verdict: 4 /5

Simple dishes which give out different surprises. Who says you need to pay more for good food?

I enjoyed my breakfast here and definitely will come back again.

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