Thursday, 12 October 2017

Itinerary for Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara) Free & Easy 6 Days + 6 Night

This itinerary for Osaka, Kyoto, Nara is Free & Easy for 2 Adults and a Baby. 

This is the 1st time that we try bringing our baby out for an overseas trip and to see how will our baby will react plus to celebrate his birthday too. Overall things turn out quite well without any big hassles.

Our itinerary are not jam pack with activities as we need to consider the our baby as a factor, hence it is more towards a relax schedule. Most of the time we travelled back to Namba area for dinner and shopping. The place is too big to shop and too much food varieties just for one day.

Here is a summary of the trip:

Attractions that we did not include but you may want to consider adding in

Universal Studios Japan
Rinku Premium Outlets
Chinatown (Nankinmachi)
Osaka City Central Hall
Arashiyama Mountain

Day 1:

SIN -> KIX -> Accommodation

We manage to grab the promotion from Singapore Airlines to fly to Osaka KIX airport at a cheaper price. From KIX airport, you can grab a Nankai Limited Express train ride to Namba station where our accommodation is located. We booked our lodging via AirBnb. The host is nice and update us on the direction as of where to go and how to reach her apartment. You may read the review here
The pocket wifi provided is really helpful as we are able stay connected throughout the trip, hence, there is no need for us to buy any prepaid card for connectivity.

Day 2: Osaka

Kuromon Ichiba Market -> Ikeda -> Namba 

As our accommodation is near Kuromon Ichiba Market, the walking journey took less than 10 mins walk. There are alot of variety of seafood to choose. Get your breakfast from here, you wont regret it.
Next stop is Ikeda station where Momofuku Instant Ramen Museum is located. You may want to drop by Ippudo for lunch. Travel back to Namba for shopping at Takashimaya and street shopping

Day 3: Kyoto

Nippombashi -> Arashiyama -> Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine -> Nikishi Market

This is a fully packed day to Kyoto. Take a train ride to Arashiyama station, it will take about 45mins - 1 hour. You may want to drop by Arashiyama mountain and see their famous monkeys. Travel down to Arashiyama, there are quite alot of attractions such as Tenryū-ji Temple and Bamboo forest. Kyoto is famous for their Matcha powder, dont forget to buy some souvenirs back. Travel to Inari station for   Fushimi Inari Taisha. You may take the chance to drop by Kyoto Takashimaya if you like, if not proceed to Nikishi Market for their local products and food. Pokemon centre is a must to visit as this outlet offer more varieties than the one at Osaka. We choose to travel back to Dotonbori for dinner for their famous Ichiran Ramen.

Day 4: Nara

Shin-Ōmiya Station -> Nakatanidou Moji -> Kōfukuji National Treasure Hall -> Nara Park -> Namba 

It is a short day for us at Nara as our main aim is to see the deer and also to see the making of moji by hand. Otherwise, you can visit the temple, National Treasure Hall and Todaiji Museum if you want to know more about the history.In Nara park, you will be able to see deer everywhere!! Roam around, there are vendors selling biscuits for the deer @ 100Yen. Later half of the day, we travel back to Shinshabashi for shopping and also try out cafe Grams for their pancakes. Food sales at Takashimaya start after 7pm, most of the prices are slashed. Lots of bentos, sushi, skewers are on sales at this timing and mostly sold out within half an hour, mall closed at 8pm. If you still not tired, try visiting the 24hrs 'Life' supermarket, it is very similar to our NTUC hypermart. The things sold are relatively cheaper compare to here. Get your instant noodle here!!!!

Day 5: Osaka - Umeda

Umeda -> Hep five ferris -> Pokemon Centre -> Shopping -> Shinsaibashi

Umeda is more on a CBD area shopping. If you like, you can go to Hep Five Ferris to take the Ferris wheel. You will be able to see the surrounding area. Pokemon centre is located at Daimaru shopping mall, this is your chance to purchase Pokemon toys if you didn't do so at Kyoto. Surrounding shopping malls include Daimaru, Hankyu and Osaka station city if you are looking for branded goods. Remember to do your 6.9% tax refund! For us, we are back to Shinshabashi for the dinner and supper.

Day 6Osaka


Osaka Castle -> Osaka Aquarium -> Shinsaibashi

The journey will take about 40 - 45mins by train. Osaka castle is a tourist attraction where most of the tours will schedule to visit. This is where you get to see ancient Japan buildings, history and samurai. If you are interested, you can pay entrance fee to go into Osaka castle, you will be able to see historical items in the castle. Travel to Osakako for Osaka Aquarium, there are quite alot of different marine life showcase, some of which Singapore SEA aquarium do not have, eg Beaver. 

Day 7: Final Day

Its free and easy day as our flight timing is quite late. Luckily our host allow us to put our luggage at her place. This is your last chance to buy whatever souvenirs and stuffs. We re-visit  Dotonbori and Shinshabashi as there are where all the shopping take place. Recommended to reach KIX about 2-3hours earlier as you can purchase local products in the airport too!!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Seletar Mall Nursing Room

Visited on 22nd Sep' 17


These photos are taken from level 4 (near Food court).

Spacious but only can occupy one family at a time

Clean and no odour

Basic amenities + Hot Water dispenser 

Electric point available ☇☇☇

Liquid Soap available but no liquid hand sterilizer 

Monday, 9 October 2017

OG Albert Shopping Mall Nursing Room

Visited on 13th Aug' 17


Located at lvl 4, at the Baby and Kids toys section. You will need to go through the customer service counter to access this room.

Quite clean, 2 rooms with curtain are available for feeding

no odour

2 baby cushions for diaper changing

Water dispenser  is available
Electric point in the room  ☇☇☇

No hand sterilizer 

Overall: Spacious all necessities are available