Sunday, 28 September 2014

Bourke Street Bakery - Surry Hills

Wide choices of freshly baked breads and rolls

Colourful display of tarts and cakes.

There is limited indoor seats. However, i would suggest outdoor seats as you get to dine under the canopy trees and at the same time enjoy people watching. It is a great atmosphere especially when we visited this place during spring time.

Pork Fennel Sausage roll ($4.50) - I am impressed with this pork fennel sausage roll. The minced pork was thick and chunky,  and does not have a salty or strong meaty after taste, marinated just right. Absolutely divine to pair it with its flaky and buttery crust. 

Ginger Tart ($5.00) - Ginger tart is one of the specialty tart of this bakery shop. Served cold, tart was firm on its crust and within its filling. The subtle ginger taste makes the tart appetising to eat, sweet but not greasy. Taste just nice and unique. The chopped pistachio adds a nutty crunch and fragrant to the tart.

Carrot Cake ($5.00 ) - Carrot cake does not have any fanciful decoration or cream icing frosting on top, however taste exceptionally good from usual ones. The moist carrot cake is sandwiched with a thick layer of cream cheese and you could see bits of carrots within it. Though its just the cream cheese and carrot cake, both combines perfectly.  

Pork Fennel Sausage Roll

Mocha ($4.00) - mocha is unique of its own with a bitter after taste

Verdict: 4.5/5

Opening hours: Mon- Fri 7am-6pm
Sat -Sun 8am-5pm
Address: 633 Bourke Street, Surry Hills
(right at the junction of Bourke street and  Devonshire street)

Friday, 26 September 2014

Central Station Hotel Review (Sydney)

Central Station Hotel 

 As its name suggest, this hotel is located near Central train station. Within 5mins, you will be able to reach here by foot. 

King size bed with amenities such as soap, towels and face towels are provided. Room service are also available. TV, safe, fridge and kettle are available for use too. 

Both hot and cold water are available for bathing. The cons about the bathroom is that the shower head is too close to the wall, and thus there is limited space to move around. 

Had a chance to peep into their storage room.

Address: 75 Wentworth Ave, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone:+61 2 9212 1005
Hotel class: 3 stars

Verdict: 4/5  

Decent stay at a affordable price. I enjoyed my stay in this cosy shoebox room. Wifi is free of charge for hotel guest throughout the entire building. The location is good and activity agency such as skydiving are also available at the reception counter.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Metropole Hotel Review

The Metropole Hotel

During my stay at Katoomba, i stayed at The Metropole Hotel, 3 Stars. It is quite convenient as the hotel is located near to the train station,. You would be able to reach the hotel in less than 5 mins. Of course, it is relatively cheaper to stay here than at Carrington Hotel if you have a lower budget to spend. Overall, i had quite a good impression of the service here and enjoyed my stay.

Reception area is in a room beside the main door. We were greeted by a pleasant and helpful receptionist who answered all our enquiries. If you are here to visit the Scenic World, take note that the reception here are selling Scenic World Unlimited pass for $33 instead of $35. Present the voucher to the staff at the scenic world to obtain your ride band.

Cafeteria is opposite to the reception area. They serve meals here including breakfast.

Level 2 - left is the library, right is the entertainment room. Internet Wifi is chargable here, so purchase your data card at the airport if possible as it would be more cost effective. Refer to Day 1 of Sydney Itinerary.

Level 3 - Common area

Electrical furnace

The corridor to our room 

There!! Our hotel room. Amenities such as TV, kettle, heater, etc are available. The bathroom is behind the small door. Although the amount of space is limited, but its quite comfy   

The bathroom interior. Heater light is available if you find the temperature too cold.

Hot and cold water available. No worries!!

Mattress hardness is normal. At least my partner was not disturb even if i toss and turn in the middle of the night. Towels and soap are available. Take note that room service is available everyday. If you do not wish to be disturb, please inform the receptionist beforehand. 

Verdict: 3/5

Price is reasonable, amenities are available except for bedroom slippers. No free wifi. Other than that i am alright with this hotel. 3 stars! 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Chur Burger - Surry Hills

Chur Burger - Surry Hills

Pulled Pork Burger ($10) - The pulled pork combined well with the home made coleslaw, bbq sauce and mayonnaise. The chunky pieces of meat was moist and not too salty and absolutely delicious with the freshly baked burger buns. This is one of the best pulled pork tasted.

Grilled Beef Burger ($10) - Burger buns sandwiched with thick and juicy beef patty, cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo and pickle.

Verdict: 4/5

Chur Burger is a hipster burger joint which serves hearty freshly made burgers. As you pull open the glass panels, you will be welcomed with loud music and the place is filled with office workers and students eating burgers with beer.  Everything from the burger buns till the meat patty are made fresh. All the burgers on the menu are priced at $10 which makes it very affordable for a good quality meal. You may add on $5 for the side dishes such at sweet potato fries (highly recommended), coleslaw or chips. 

Address: 48 Albion Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 ( 10 mins walk from Central station)
Opening Hours: Mon 11.30am - 9pm
Tue - Sat 11.30- 10.00pm
Sun closed

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Cafe Zuppa - Katoomba (Blue Mountain)

Cafe Zuppa - Katoomba (Blue Mountain)

Located just opposite Carrington hotel, this stretch of shops sell mostly food items. Cafe Zuppa is one of such shop. They sell burgers and sandwiches and is known for their hot chocolate drink.

Hot chocolate with marshmallow ($5) - A bitter sweet cup of hot chocolate topped with cocoa powder and marshmallow. A nice proportion of cocoa powder and warm milk makes this cup of drink excellent to sip in on a cold night.

Pulled Pork Burger ($15) - Piping hot and thinly sliced pulled pork served with fries. Meat was well marinated with intense bbq flavour and layered with crunchy coleslaw. Burger was good except that meat was slightly dry. 

Smoked salmon sandwich ($9.50) - I enjoyed my sandwich very much as there was generous serving of rocket leaves, onions and smoked salmon between the warm and moist multigrain bread. You may choose the type of bread you want.

A hearty and satisfying meal

Verdict: 3.5/5

Cafe Zuppa is a place where you can get your hunger fixed at anytime of the day as it offers all day dining at its cosy corners. Selections on the menu is comprehensive and affordable. Both indoor and outdoor seats are available. Do give this cafe a try during your stay at the Blue Mountain.

Address: 36 Katoomba Street, Katoomba, NSW 2780 (5mins walk from Katoomba Station)
Opening Hours: 8.00am - 8.30pm
Tel: 4782 9247

Friday, 19 September 2014

The Yellow Deli - Katoomba (Blue Mountain)

The Yellow Deli - Katoomba (Blue Mountain)

The Yellow Deli is a cosy and vintage two-storey cafe which is well furnished with wooden flooring and furniture all around. This place was filled with customers even during late lunch hours. We waited for around 30 mins before we were allocated with a table.

Menu comprises of sandwiches, salads, soup, desert and drinks

Second level of the cafe

Green Chia Latte ($4.50) and Hot Chocolate ($3.50) - Not bad for both the drinks. You can smell the strong fragrant of the Chia latte. Hot Chocolate for the cold weather is absolutely the best choice.

Deli Rose ($9.50) - Roast beef sandwiched with cheese, tomato and onion. Served together with chips and pickle. Roasted beef is not as hard as imagine, more towards stew meat. The beef is juicy ad tender, cooked at customer's preference on the wellness. Serving was definitely enough to fill a hungry stomach.

Smoked Chicken ($9.50) - Thick layers of smoked chicken ham together with generous servings of cheese, tomato, lettuce and onions. Sandwich was big and filling, however taste was on the salty side.

Verdict: 3.5/5

This is a great place to hang out with friends or family. Very good ambience but service needs improvement. Waiting time is quite long, took almost 30mins to get a seat and not all the staffs are friendly. But as a tourist, it is worth the visit.

Opening Hours: Sun - Thur 10am-10pm
Fri 10-3pm
Sat closed
Tel: 4782 9744
Address: 214 Katoomba Street. Katoomba, NSW, 2780 Australia
(located right at the end of Katoomba street, 15 mins walk from Katoomba station)

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