Saturday, 13 September 2014

West Co'z Cafe (West Coast Plaza)

West Co'z Cafe

Located in west coast plaza, West Co'z Café serve fusion food that is Halal and mixture of Chinese and Thai foods. Most of their dishes are offered at an affordable price. It is recommend to make reservation before having your meal there as the queue is quite long during weekend. Waiting time can be up to 30mins to 1 hour. It is a nice place to dine in with your family.

Curry Fish Head ($20) - Spicy and savory, this curry fish head is delicious. For this price, half of the fish head is served with lots of side ingredients like long beans, lady finger, tau pok and egg plant. The fish head is fresh and the meat is firm and tender, together with the curry sauce, it taste good. Simply must order.   

Salted Egg Sotong ($12) - I like salted egg dish, this is one of the best. The Sotong are fried crispy, making its texture chewy. Together with the salted egg sauce, this is a very evil dish to have, but who cares right? Just eat it!! 

Thai Style Kangkong ($9) - Abit spicy, the kangkong are washed thoroughly, hence there are no sandy feeling while chewing. The kangkong are stir fry with preserved beans, hence its spicy and sourly, very appetizing 

Braised beancurd ($15) - Fried Beancurd with savory sauce and lots of vegetables on the sides. The beancurd is lightly fried on the outside, you can taste the softness of the beancurd. Lots of sliced cabbage, mushroom and carrot. 

Prawn Paste Chicken ($10) - Juicy meat on the inside of the wings, delicious prawn paste chicken

Egg Fu Yong ($8) - This dish impressed me much as it is not oily and the interior of the egg is moist and soft. This really test the cook's skill and how he handle the amount of heat require to cook this egg. Lots of prawn bits are found in it.

Tel: 6779 1303
Opening Hour: Mon to Sun 1130 - 2130

Verdict: 4/5

Nice place to have dinner, i liked the curry fish head the most. The strong curry is really nice to eat together with white rice. In addition, the fish head is fresh at a low price. Other dishes fare good as well.

Long waiting list if you want to drop by to have your dinner, so just make reservation. They have calling system to inform you if your table is ready. So take your time to shop around the shopping mall.

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