Thursday, 21 August 2014

YY Kafei Dian 喜园咖啡店 - Beach Road/Purvis Street

YY Kafei Dian 喜园咖啡店 - Beach Road/Purvis Street

A crowded and busy old school Hainanese coffee shop located right at the end of Purvis street.

Make your order for all food and drinks at the counter.

Range of old school breakfast on display: Assorted breads, donuts, sugar cookies and muffins.

Back to the 60's chinese coffeeshop setting

Kopi, thick toast and half-boiled eggs ($4.90) - Thick toast was soft and fluffy on the interior with generous spread of home-made kaya and a thick slice of butter.

Typical Hainanese breakfast of early days

Hainanese chicken Rice ($4.00) - Both the steamed white chicken and roasted chicken were tender and rice was fragrant yet not oily. Overall food was on the salty side.

Verdict: 3.5/5

YY Kafei Dian sells a wide selection of Hainanese food which are equivalent to our typical local food. Zi cha menu is available as well for evening crowds.

Address: 37 Beach Road #01-01 Singapore 189678 (10min walk from Bugis Mrt Station, opposite National Library, at the end of Purvis street)
Opening Hours: Everyday 8am till 1030pm 

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