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鸭皇药材烧腊大王 Restaurant Ya Wang (Johor baru)

鸭皇药材烧腊大王 Restaurant Ya Wang

With a big fat duck icon as its signature signboard, this Chinese restaurant is easily spotted by passerby. Located just within 5 mins walk from City square shopping mall, this air con restaurant is well known by their duck recipe. They even proudly proclaim that they are the consultant for "Dian Xiao Er, 店小二" roasted duck recipe. 

Lots and lots of roasted duck hanging in front of the stall, waiting to be served

Apologized for the bad photo taken, beside roasted duck meat, they also serve braised duck wings and eggs

This menu for their set dishes are written on this board, although they are printed on their menu too. Their concept for the set dishes are similar to 店小二 set dishes. The number of pax are served with different number of dishes at different price. Of course, the more pax you have the more expensive it cost but more variety of food. 

Clean and tidy, most importantly, it is air-con!! A saviour for topical country

Sea coconut with longan RM4.50 - not too sweet, just right

For 2 pax, i took set A which consist of a herbal duck, vegetable, claypot tofu and a soup. All these for just RM42

Watercress soup - Clear soup cooked with pork ribs. You can find chuck of chicken meat and lots of watercress in this small pot.

Herbal duck meat - Well, i request from the auntie serving me that i want Angelic herb Duck meat. She told me she will put through my request and Ta da, i got what i want. It taste exactly the same as what i had in 店小二. Strong angelic herb sauce that are pour over the roasted duck. I was given a quarter part of the duck meat. The duck was roasted just right that gave me the crispy outer feeling, while the meat are tender and juicy. Yummy!!! I want more of this!! Have some gravy over your rice and take a bit of this wonderful meat, hmm, out of this world.

Clay Pot Tofu - Well, i must say this is a surprise to me as this is the 1st time i am having such dish. Maybe i should term it more correctly as Mixed Claypot Tofu. Lots of seafood in this pot, i get prawns, sliced squids, chicken meat, beans, mushroom, carrots and 2 big piece of tofu. The tofu are fried first before cooking it together with the other ingredients. Outer layer of the tofu is tough after frying but the inside is actually soft and succulent. More than what i can bargain for. The broth is thick and tasty.  

Stir fried Kai Lan - A simple vegetable dish, tasty and crunchy which prove of its freshness 

Operating hours: Mon - Sun: 08:00 - 18:00

Phone: +60 7-224 8624

Verdict: 4.5 /5

Price: RM23 per pax

I really like the food here, delicious and cheap. The duck meat really give me the kick that i want and what surprise me is the claypot tofu. It is filled with so much ingredients and it is tasty too. Really quite a good bargain.

The aunties here are friendly and readily available. They also offer suggestion to what we will like to have and help me on my request.

The only downside is the houseflies that can be irritating, but the place is still clean and comfortable to dine in.

I will suggest to have lunch or early breakfast here.

  • Taste(5)
  • Environment(4)
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  • Price(5)

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