Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Teochew Handmade Pau (朝洲自制包点)

Handmade dim sum can be found here at this heartland food market. Since early morning, the queue never subside. Traditional buns are rather harder to make compared to machine make, hence, the buns are generally smaller in size. However, in terms of taste, handmade version are definitely more superior. 

List of dim sum available for selection are written clearly at storefront. When it is my turn to order, their Shrimp Dumplings were already sold out. It was only 11am on a Sunday morning!! 

Lotus Paste Bao - Very sweet paste, but i like it!! 

Small Pork Bao - Flavourful, the amount of meat filling is just nice. Just one of this mini bun is not enough to satisfy your appetite.  

Red Bean Bao - The red bean paste is slightly less sweet compare to the lotus bun. 

Char Siew Bao - The pork filling is flaky and abit dry. It is different from the usual juicy char siew bao. Not really to my liking.

Big Chicken Bao - Minced chicken meat with added garnishes. I prefer those conventional chicken bun that have big pieces of chunky meat.

Bian Rou Bao - It is actually a mini version of chinese "Kong Ba Pau", marinated pork meat bun. The texture of the pork meat taste like pulled pork, but in the Chinese way. Really love this bun. Less fattening and sinful and yet delicious. There is no fatty pork within, and thus it would disappoint some, but appeal to those who are more health conscious.

Verdict 3.5 / 5

The buns that are sold here are slightly different from the usual bun that I had ate. Although it may have a refreshing look, but i still prefer the common version of Char Siew Bun and Chicken Bun. Other than that, the lotus and red bean bun are really great. Maybe because I have sweet tooth, but i strongly recommend these two buns.

Will come back again and support handmade shops!!

Telephone: 6254 2053 / 6659 5786
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 6am to 2pm, Sunday 6am to 12pm (Off on Monday and Alternate Tuesdays)

Monday, 20 April 2015

Chey Sua Carrot Cake (青山菜头粿)

I had heard so much about Chey Sua Carrot Cake and finally I had a chance to try it. From what i had gathered, the carrot cakes are homemade from radish and carrots and steamed and left for a day to attain the firmness in texture.

I reached the place around 11.45 am on a sunday noon. There are lots of customers waiting patiently for their orders. The order list is 2-3 pages long. Price range from $2, $3 and $4. Informed them of your table number if you have a table, they will serve the food to you. For take away, you have to enquire on the waiting time, jalan jalan for awhile before coming back for your order.  

The waiting time for this piece of delicious fried carrot cake is about 1 hour !! Never did I waited so long for a dish. 

The carrot cake is beautifully pan fried, crispy and yet moist on the inside. Lots of eggs are used to create the crispness. Little Chyai Por are added in, but in place, the sambal chili that are fried together with the carrot cake greatly enhance the taste, savoury and mouth watering.  

Verdict: 4/5

I won't complaint more other than the waiting time, the carrot cake IS really delicious. Try it if you are willing to wait. You will not regret it.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun 6am to 1pm, closed on Mon

Saturday, 18 April 2015

3 Petits Croissants

A French Artisan Bakery selling French artisan croissants

Quite a spacious seating arrangement and you get to the baking in action while enjoying your croissants and coffee

Pain Au Chocolate ($2.90) - Flaky outer skin and fluffy texture. You can find bits of chocolate filling. Right amount of sweetness from the chocolate to match the croissant. Recommended!!

Matchazuki Croissant ($3.90) - Premium green tea flavoured croissant filled with sweet red bean paste. The sweetness from its filling covered the green tea taste. What a left down, but if you like sweet stuff, this is recommended 

Plain croissant @ $1 only. Nice fluffy and buttery taste. Flaky outer skin

Mocha ($4.80) 

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sat: 08:00–22:00
Sun: 10:00–18:00

1 Zubir Said Drive, #01-01/02
Singapore 227968

Verdict: 3/ 5

I will rate them high on the tasting portion, other than that, service is not up to par and croissant are cold even after warming them in the oven twice upon request. The staffs half-hardheartedly prepare and serve the food for self collection. 

Will not come back again for such bad service.