Thursday, 23 January 2014

王子起司馬鈴薯 (Prince Cheese Potato) - Taiwan Ximending/Shilin

王子起司馬鈴薯 (Prince Cheese Potato)

Cheese potatoes!!! I am sure this is most people favorite food, who doesn't like it especially with a generous  spread of cheese and other ingredients as toppings. Basically you get a mashed potato molded into a ellipsoid shape with a hardboiled egg stuff in, dipped and battered in breadcrumbs and fried it. After which, the fried potato was dissected, stuffed, and covered with pretty much whatever ingredients that you want!!! Great right???? I am pretty drooling while I was waiting for mine to be ready.

Different combination which you like your potato to be

Bacon bits, ham, turkey, corn, pineapple, broccoli, mayonnaise, and a hard boiled egg.... I want everything!!!


 Overflowing of cheese!! Yummy Yummy. The potato taste crunchy on the outside because of the fried breadcrumbs and soft in the inside due to the mashed potato. It is especially tasty when you are eating with all the mixed ingredients. Wow! really delicious. 

You can find this stall in both 士林夜市 (Shilin Night Market) or 西門町 (Ximending night Market). it cost like 55 NT ($1.75) 

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