Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ming Kee Chicken Rice & Porridge (Bugis Street) 明记鸡饭粥 - Bishan

Ming Kee Chicken Rice & Porridge (Bugis Street) 明记鸡饭粥

Located in a heartland coffeeshop, 5 minutes away from Bishan MRT station, you will be able to taste this wonderful chicken rice in BishanThis stall only sell white chicken and they do not hang their chicken unlike other stalls. All their chicken are bathing in ice water in the plastic box.

Very delicious white chicken with gelatin like skin and fats on the chicken. I guess it could be because of the ice water that the chicken are soaking in. Nice and tender flesh, the meat is very juicy too. The rice is very fragrant and not very oily too. Taste of chicken too. If you notice, the chicken meat is fat and thick, unlike other stall which fatten the meat, this stall is really generous on the serving.

Can you see the layer of gelatin ??

The chili is a bit disappointing. It is watery, and sweeter without mince ginger to eat with the chicken. 

Opening Hours: Daily 10 am to 9.30 pm

Verdict: 4 / 5

Price: $3.50 onwards

Super delicious chicken rice serve by this stall. I simply love it. Per plate of chicken rice start from $3.50, cheap right?

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