Sunday, 12 January 2014

Ding Tai Fung - 鼎泰豐 (Taipei 101)

DING TAI FUNG - 鼎泰豐 (Taipei 101)

Hi Guys, sorry that there are no post recently. I just came back from Taiwan, only reached home yesterday. Here i am blogging about Taiwan delicacies which i had enjoyed. Will be posting the itinerary soon.  

See how early i came to Taipei 101 just to have a taste of the renowned restaurant. Things had not start yet but there are already people waiting for them to operate. I manage to be 2nd in the queue, so lucky. The reason why this brunch is so popular, i guess is mostly because of tourists or tours visiting this branch. Hence they are always fully booked. 

Operating hours

Open kitchen - Tom Cruise came here before!!! 

Taipei Ding Tai Fung mascot 

Xiao Long Bao - Juicy filling, meat is tasty and sweet. Totally love it. The flour is not thick, just nice to eat with the meat.

Ginger with white vinegar - compare to Singapore version which uses dark vinegar, this actually give out different taste. More refreshing while eating it with Xiao Long Bao 

Prawn Dumplings

Juicy and sweet, prawn and meat are fresh. I can actually eat alot of these and wont feel bloated. Yummy Yummy

Vegetable Buns - Its a mixture of meat with alot alot of super finely cut green vegetable which become the filling of the bun. Lightly flavoured, you can actually taste the nature taste of the vegetable. Good for digestion.  

Sour and spicy soup - mixture of sliced beancurd, duck portion, egg in a sour and spicy broth. Compare to the local brunch, this is not spicy, but you can have the option to add the level of spiciness  

Sesame Bun - Sweet and finely grained sesame, must try. 

See the crowd waiting? It is madness.... Do come early.

Tel: (02) 8101-7799

Operation Hrs: 
Sun-Thurs: 11:00-21:30, Fri/Sat: 11:00-22:00

Verdict: 4.5 / 5

Good service provided by the staffs. Staffs are very attentive in terms of customer's request or refilling of tea. They are also very courteous.

Food came fast too and hot. Very delicious.

Certainly will be back again if i visit Taiwan again.

  • Taste(4)
  • Environment(5)
  • Service(5)
  • Clean(5)

  • Price(4)

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