Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Xin Mei Congee 欣美粥品 - Ang Mo Kio

Xin Mei Congee 欣美粥品

"Why sell congee?" 
"Because everyone eat it"

 This is the eye catching line when you pass by this stall in Ang Mo Kio Market and food centre. The answer given by the owner is so true. All kind of people eat congee. This is very true just by seeing the queue during peak hour. Queuing time take about 10 mins just to take order. They sell all sort of congee, there is selection such as pork, pig intestine, mixed pork, sliced fish, porkball, prawn, etc etc.   

Raw Fish @ $3 - Chinese version of sashimi. Mixture of sliced fish, lime, chili padis, sliced ginger and cucumber. The raw fish is fresh and together with other ingredients really taste refreshing and sweet.

Porridge and freshly fried You Tiao. You can choose to cut your You Tiao or just eat the whole stick. You can choose to add an egg but it will be an extra cost.

Mixed pork - Consist of sliced pork meat, pig intestine, pig liver and pork ball. Pig intestine is clean and does not have any disgusting taste. Very nice to eat.

Pork Porridge - Sliced pork which is so tender to chew. The meat goes well with the porridge.

Long queue at night

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

Price: $3

The porridge is very smooth and easy to eat. The ingredient such as meat is fresh, they do not have any stinky smell or taste. Fried dough or You Tiao is very crispy and fresh. I wanted to order another but scare fat.

Well, it a hawker center, so do not expect very clean and nice environment.

Definitely will queue and order again.

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