Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Taiwan Instant Noodle “Yi Du Zhan” Beef Noodle 一度赞牛肉面


Famous Authentic Taiwanese "Yi Du Zhan" (一度赞) Braised Beef Instant Noodle. Available for purchase at convenience store, Eg 7-11 which are selling individual packet or supermarket, eg Welcome or 家樂福 Carrefour, if you wish to purchase full pack. Each pack consist of 3 smaller packet of instant noodle. Whats more, there are actual beef meat in the packaging.   

This is the braised beef flavour - Red packaging, another flavour is Sha Cha 沙茶 which is in orange packaging. Sha cha sauce, or paste is a Chinese condiment made from soybean oil, garlic, shallots, chilis, brill fish, and dried shrimp. It has a savory and slightly spicy taste.

Packaging include: Seasoning, chili paste, meat package, sauce

This is really delicious, compare to local instant noodle, this is really way better. You can actually eat meat!! Isn't it wonderful???!!! Texture of the noodle is good, not soggy or waxy, but i still suggest everyone to change the water for the 1st round, this is to wash off the wax on the noodle. Overall taste is good, especially the seasoning which make the soup even more tastier. Hope everyone can try or buy back home.

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