Saturday, 25 January 2014

Taiwanese Omelette Roll/Wrap - Shi-Da Night Market (師大夜市)

Omelette Roll

Located at the end of Shi-Da Night Market, this stall sell local egg omelette roll. See the number of local queuing for the food, there must be something nice about it.

Flavours include: Original, cheese, ham, Mixed, Cabbage, corn, bacon egg roll

It is like a open concept, kitchen can be seen from the outside. The process of making is like doing the dough of prata.

Queue number

The ingredients are wrap together with the egg roll, it is more like a wrap. The egg wrap is chewy and soft, very different from the Prata that we used to eat. Adding of the ingredients really make me feel surprise on how the taste comes together. Definitely must try if you are visiting the night market.

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