Monday, 4 August 2014

Fish Ball Noodle Kedai Makanan Sang Heng 甡兴 (Johor baru)

Kedai Makanan Sang Heng 甡兴

This small little shop have been around for many years already. They serve old school fish ball noodle.

Cooked by this old uncle, he is the master of cooking the noodle and its broth. All his ingredients are available just beside his stove. One by one, the uncle cooked with his both hands and the experience that he had accumulated throughout the years.

Lao Shu Fen soup - Musky soup with lots of ingredients such as Sliced fish cake, pork ball, fish ball, minced pork and prawns. Of course, pork lard are added in, if not where to find the old school taste? ! The soup is surprising tasty and nice. The fishballs are handmade, they are springy and at the same time enough to give me a solid feeling. Tingle of sweetness too. Pork balls are fresh and do not have the stinky aftertaste.

Dry version - Same ingredients used, sliced fish cake, pork ball, fish ball, minced pork and prawns

Although the dry version do not have the soup to enhance the taste, but the noodle and ingredients are already very tasty. The broth that are used to cook the noodle and ingredients must be super tasty to provide such a taste.

Address: 7 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Johor Bahru Town (next to OCBC JB branch)
Hours: Daily 7:00am to 1:00pm (closed on Saturdays)

Verdict 4 / 5
Price: RM 5

Nice old school feeling and flavour that i get to experience again which i cannot find that in Singapore anymore. Delicious noodle prepared by the uncle. I will come back again.

Long queue during weekends morning and the waiting time is very long.

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