Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Peng Catering Services Restaurant

Along a row of shophouses in a private estate in Hougang, you will hardly notice about Peng restaurant. Unless you are a Christian, if not you will not know about this place like me. I was introduced by my fellow colleague, hence we decided to try out this place. This place is located along the same row of shops as Lee Wee Brother’s Otah.

Quite empty during lunch time, but i guess they cater for dinner and weekend diners

Cold Dish $38 - What can be bad about cold dish?? LOL, Spring roll is crispy, you will find other side dishes like ngo niang (taste ok), century egg and baby octopus. Jellyfish were placed at the center of the dish. 

Sweet & sour pork $15 - Yummy!! I always love sweet and sour pork!! Guy's favourite dish right?! haha. Pork cubes were deep fried and the texture is not too hard. Tomato sauce is just right, i don't find it too sweet.

Cereal Prawn $38 - Woohoo, another of my favourite seafood dish. The prawns are large and fresh. Together with the cereal, absolutely give out a fragrant sweet mouthwatering smell. It's a pity that the cereal is not sweet enough and the mixture of margarine is not well done. I can taste chunk of margarine when i scoop some of the cereal to eat. 

Sambal Kang Kong $15 - Although it is call sambal but hardly spicy at all. Cuttlefish were added in with the kangkong

Oyster omelette $12 - Another recommended dish by the staff, but not to my liking. It could be I prefer fresh oyster rather than other varieties of consuming oyster. The iron taste is quite strong and the egg is quite moist too. 

Claypot chicken $24 - This is my favourite dish and was highly recommended by the staff. Gong Bao taste alike but it is not so spicy but rather more sweet and savoury. Chicken chunks are nicely chopped and well marinated. I can really finish the whole claypot chicken myself!!. HAHAHA

Signature Homemade Beancurd $16 - Moist and soft beancurd. The sweet and spicy sauce is very appetizing. Eat with freshly cut cucumbers to get that extra crunchiness  

Opening Hour: 11am - 2.30pm & 5.30pm - 10.30pm

Contact number: 
+65 62896975

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

I must compliment about their service, prompt and efficient. Maybe is because of the lesser crowd during lunch time, where else the refilling of tea is quite noticeable.

For the food served, it taste normal. I don't find any hype about it. But in terms of price and large family dinning, i will recommend this place.

Updated on 31/08/15

Recently went back here again to try other food. 

Venison with spring onions - Not too bad, the venison is well cooked 

Prawn paste chicken wings - Not really tasty and i cant taste prawn paste

Hotplate omelette 

Home made Yam paste - $8 for small serving which can serve 6 pax i think is worth it. The yam is very smoothing plus ginkgo nuts are add in.