Monday, 24 March 2014

Oyogel Taiyaki - Japanese Fish cake (mochi)

Oyogel Taiyaki

Have you ever eaten a fish cake? I bet that is a yes. What about Mochi fish cake and it is filled with fillings? I am sure that will be a no for most people. Oyogel Taiyak is one of this special stall that sell mochi in the shape of the fish. There are even lots of flavours to choose from, selection like strawberry, cheesecake, chocolate, red bean and matcha are available. Amazing and special right? 

You may think that the fish cake are cold since they are made of Mochi, but actually that is the opposite. The fish cakes are kept in warm humidifer!! So you will be able to enjoy the flavour of the fish cake fully!! I certainly recommend the cheesecake flavour. Partly is because i like the cheese, but it really goes very well with the mochi. Red bean flavour is not bad too.

You know the usual mochi that we eat is chewy, sticky and after eating you feel thirsty. But this mochi fish cake do not have such feeling. The fish cake is sticky but just sticky enough not to stick to your teeth or gum and the moisture is just right. I dont feel thirsty after eating it. Fantastic.  Pipping hot fish cake, grab it now!!

Operating hour: 10:30 - 22:00
contact number : 9099 0318
Email address:

Pricing : $2.50 - $3 ( Why spend the same amount of the usual japanese fish cake, try this now!)

Recommended for a new experience of mochi!!

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