Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hua Kee Rojak and BBQ Seafood - Pasir Panjang Food Centre

Hua Kee Rojak and BBQ Seafood

If you have been t Pasir Panjang food center, you should have known that there are alot of stalls selling seafood. Hence, i am recommending this particular stall, Hua Kee. There are lots of variety of seafood to choose from, stingray to clams to fish to prawns. The food is especially tasty compare to the rest. Recommend all to try.

Mee Goreng ($10) - Hmm, if you have eaten this before, you know that typical mee goreng are just spicy and dry, sometimes you can just taste the strong yellow mee taste. However, this is actually taste sweet and spicy, abit of limey taste which enhance the Mee goreng flavours. Whats more, seafood mee goreng!!! Seafood such as prawns and squids are cooked together. The dish is big enough for 2-3 person to share.

Ngoh Hiang, Wu Xiang, ($10) - At first i thought it will be like the shape of what others are seling, round small circle shape of Ngoh Hiang. But it turn out to be big and cut into a oval shape. The Ngoh Hiang consist of various meats like minced pork and prawn and vegetables and other ingredients, which are then rolled inside a beancurd skin and deep-fried. It is served with in house-special sweet sauce. 

Just by eating this alone is already very delicious. The meat is well marinated and juicy. Dipped into the sweet sauce to try out different combination between the ngoh hiang and the sauce.

BBQ Stingray ($10) - Hot, hot and hot!! Very spicy chili sauce on top of the BBQ stingray. However, i still like it alot. The stingray is juicy and not over cooked. Dipped in their sweet and sour sauce to reduce the spiciness if you cant take so spicy food.  

Verdict: 3 / 5

Price: $10 onwards

This is one of the popular food center for seafoods and after work dinner place. Alot of variety of food selection for you can be found from this stall. I especially like the food here although it maybe a bit expensive if you are eating alone. Come with some friends and share this wonderful food.

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