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Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

I heard and read so much about Koh Grill & Sushi Bar, so decided to drop by during evening time when there is no queue. Located in Wisma shopping mall, beside food junction, the restaurant is already almost full when I reached there at about 5.15pm.  As the restaurant is abit small, seating is limited too. By 6.15pm, there is already a lot queue, hence it is better to come here during non peak hour. I heard so much about this restaurant Shiok Maki, wondering how good can it be..... 

Teppanyaki preparing and cooking 

Chef preparing the plating of the food. With the wide range fish meat in the freeze bar, I really tempted to try all of them.

I was seated at the counter bar, leg platform was available so I feel comfortable when eating. However, i feel that the staff can pay more attention or be more understanding as i was carrying alot of stuffs with me and there are empty 4 seater (2 table combi), they could have ask me to take a table instead.

Bento menu - available till 6pm only. Highly recommended Bento J - consist of sushi and sashimi

Salmon skin ($4) - Considering the price, i find the amount of skin is really too little. The taste is bland, only sprinkler of salt  by the side. Other than taste, the salmon skin is really crispy, feel like eating chips. Really disappointed and not worth the price.

Bento J - Sushi and sashimi with a mini udon. Sashimi consist of 3 pieces of swordfish, salmon and tuna each. Sashimi served are thick and juicy. Salmon and tuna taste fresh, however, the swordfish taste abit powdery, maybe not fresh as I do not taste such texture before when I ate at other restaurant. Sushi consist of maki, salmon, yellowtail, tuna sushi. Nothing really fanciful or attractive.  

Shiok Maki (1st gen) - Their famous shiok maki, version 1 consist of unagi while version 2 consist of shrimp. Mouth watering presentation with alot of roe and cheese. First bite, give you a soft and melt in you mouth feeling. Totally fascinating!! The unagi really is soft and smooth, with the combination of rice and ingredient, the shiok maki is very delicious. However, the more i eat, the more i find it too creamy. Cheese and mayonnaise combination are too much to handle. Overall, this dish still taste not bad.  

Set Meal M ($10.90) - A small piece of saba fish and 5 pieces of salmon sashimi. Worth it? I think a bit overprice. For a guy like me, how will i be satisfied with just a small piece of saba?  

Verdict: 3 / 5

Price: around $10++ onwards

Service can be better, the number of staff during peak hour is about 4-5. But the service is slow and I was asked to be prepared to wait for at least 15mins for my food during non peak hour? Not sure if this is a standard procedure as i do not see any waiting ordering form on the sushi bar.

Taste of the food is disappointing, except for the Shiok Maki. The rest of the food is just disappointment.
I guess it maybe a hit and miss restaurant, sometime good and sometime bad.

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