Sunday, 2 March 2014

T & K Seafood - Chinatown Bangkok

Mandatory Seafood dinner feast at Bangkok Chinatown. T & K Seafood (staff wearing green t shirt) is prominently  located at a road junction of Chinatown with competitor stall right beside wearing pink t shirts.

No crowd at all at 5pm

Steamed Fish (large) - with sweet and sour Thai sauce and garlic on top which is really appetizing. No fishy smell at all. A must order dish.

Oyster Omelet - Fresh and juicy oyster.

Prawn roll (Hei Zhou)

Shark fins - Traces of shark fins was little

Claypot Crab Glass Noodles - Well done non sticky glass noodles which fully soaked up the essence of the sauce.

Outdoor cooking

All indoor and outdoor tables filled up by 7pm

49-51 Soi Phadung Dao
Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand
T: (02) 223 4519.
Open daily from 5pm till late night

Verdict: 3.5/5

Price :  500 baht per pax

This is the second time i visited T & K Seafood and it still live up to its name for providing cheap and quality seafood spread. Customer base include both the locals and tourist. Recommended for seafood lovers to drop by when you are at Bangkok.

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