Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sembawang Bai Mee Fen - 三巴旺白米粉

Sembawang Bai Mee Fen - 三巴旺白米粉

Usual long queue on a sunday evening before 6pm. I started queueing at 5 plus and managed to get a table after queueing for 45 minutes. The queue is madness even during weekday. Come early to avoid disappointment.

Ordering of food and drink first before you are assign with a seat. 

Drink stall selling home made barley, lime juice,sour plum juice and more.

Seafood White Bee Hoon $4.50 (small) - The signature dish of this zi cha place. By far the best bai mee fen tasted. Another version of hokkien mee in mee fen style. Generous servings of seafood and ingredients. Do request for more lime to add on to the taste of this dish.

Cereal Prawn $16 - large juicy prawns with buttery flaky cereal. Cereal good to eat on its own. Not an oily dish

Meat & seafood roll $10 - fried golden brown hei zhou in large cubes. Generous fillings and not overfried. Portion of meat is quite alot but traces of chestnut is hardly chewable.

Indo Fried Chicken Wings $6 - Chicken wings are well marinated. Juicy and tender meat.

Home made Fried Bean Curd $10 - Not a typical beancurd dish that you would find at a zi cha place. Carrots bits are added to the beancurd mixture to add on to the texture of the beanurd. The outer crispy flour lining is too oily.

They do accept phone orders for takeaways during non peak hours. Recommended to come on a weekday non peak period unless you got the time to brave the queue.

Contact humber: 9843 4699

Verdict: 3.5 / 5

Price: $20 per pax

A popular dinner spot in the north of Singapore. Do arrive early to avoid the bottleneck period. The signature white beehoon is worth the queue. Other dishes taste normal not remarkable.

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