Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Del’ Bistro 107 - Serangoon North

Del’ Bistro 107

Restaurant style food being served in the heartlands. Del' Bistro is located at Blk 107 Serangoon ave. What i cant believe is they actually serve risotto here and it actually taste quite good. There are a vast variety of food for you to choose at reasonable price. 


Cheese Fries & Mushroom soup (soup of the day) 

Seafood Risotto ($9) - Prawns, squid and mussels are cooked in this tomato based rice. The risotto is cooked with creamy consistency and taste delicious. Cream sauce is poured for more creamier taste. Recommend to try.

Beef Risotto ($9) - Same cooking style just that the ingredients are beef slices instead

Double Patty Burger ($6.50 single patty/ $8 for double patties) - Beef patty is not freshly made, its machine made. Nothing exciting about it. Normal burger with a piece of cheese and beef patty. 

Double Mixed Grill ($8) - Giant size of chicken and pork chop with your choice of sauce, either mushroom or black pepper. This is very worth it considering the price and the size of the meat. Both chicken and pork meat are tender and juicy, no sign of overcooked. 


Double XL Pork Chop ($8) - 2 piece of pork chops, black pepper sauce on the left pic & mushroom sauce on the right pic

Fish & Chip ($6) - Crispy on the outside and juicy meat in the inside. 

Sambal Stingray Rice ($6) - You may be thinking why is this asian dish being recommended here since i am introducing western food. Well, there is a zi cha stall beside Del' bistro, same owner thou. A large piece of stingray and an egg. Very very delicious and worth the money. The sambal chili is spicy and sour, lime is provided. Stingray is juicy and fresh. Yummy!

Updated on 04/04/2014:

Japanese Curry cutlet rice ($7.50) - Today special, curry is abit spicy but nice. Go well with the rice. Portion of the curry is big too, there are lots of potatoes. Chicken cutlet is not too bad, crispy but the amount of meat is not there much. Consider the price i find it quite worth it.

Verdict: 3 / 5

Price: around $6++ onwards

All mains come with side dishes like fries, mashed potato or garden salad. Consider the price and location, it is really worth the price. What i really like is the mixed grill and the risotto as i find them really tasty and i wont get tired of eating it over and over.

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