Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Chinatown Food Street (Singapore)

Chinatown Food Street -Smith Street

The new and refreshed Chinatown Food Street now welcome all visitors with specialty local dishes from the 4 different races in Singapore. Located on Smith Street, which is the heart of Chinatown, the look create the most authentic Singapore dining experience for locals and tourists .Iconic food such as satay to hokkien mee from all local cultures are all situated at one street which is convenient for all.  

Visitors now can enjoy al-fresco dining style along the street. New high-ceiling glass canopy shelter and  cooling system allow diners enjoy themselves fully on the food available here regardless of rain or shine. The  street hawker stalls operate as an ad hoc street kiosks with full cooking equipment. 

Maxwll road Soon Soon Popiah, spring roll ($2.50) - usual ingedients like bangkwang (turnip), garlic, roasted peanuts and beansprouts. Pale in taste compare to other stalls

Katong Kean Kee Fried Oyster ($8/$10) - Crispy and not very oily. Big fat Oyster is fresh and not stinky. Long queue for this stall but i do not find this dish worth queuing.

Tiong Baru Meng Kee Roast Duck set ($10) - Normal to me, the roasted meat is nice

Fried Carrot cake ($4) - Black version is sweet, not over cooked but be prepared to queue as there are alot of customers for this stall. Take note to order and pay for your food first before queuing.

Fried Hokkien Mee ($5/$8) - Moist and tasty. Broth is flavourable and taste of prawn. The noodle really soak up all of the prawn broth making this dish very delicious. recommended for this dish

Drink stall - Expensive drinks sold here. Sugercane sell at $2.50 per cup, isnt this expensive?? 

Opening hours: daily 11am -11pm 

Verdict: 3 / 5

As a local, i strongly do not recommend this place here as there are really alot of better stalls and better quality food out there. The quality of food here is really not worth the price as the price is really steep. But for a tourist, this place is where you can really taste a variety of well-known food in Singapore. Rather than travelling all around Singapore just to have a taste of local cuisine, come here and tour around, it may have what you have been looking for. 

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