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Ban Chuan Braised Duck Rice 萬全卤鸭饭

Ban Chuan Braised Duck Rice 萬全卤鸭饭

One of the stall located in Ang Mo Kio centre market, this is among my favorite duck dish places. From duck rice, duck noodle, duck kueh tiao to kueh chap and duck meat sets , price range from, $3.50 onwards. From the rice, to the duck to the sauce. The duck rice is really very tasty. The braised sauce is fragrant and the meat is soft and tender. Braised peanuts are included in most of the dishes too!!

The queue is usually very long as the stall is operated by old couple, hence be patience if you really want to try very delicious duck dishes.

Large variety of food - Braised Duck, braised egg, tofu.... etc  

Self serving on the braised sauce and chili 

Duck Kueh Tiao ($3.50) - Highly recommended dish. The duck meat is fresh and tender. Very thin layer of fat between the skin and the meat. The Kueh tiao is smooth and bean sprout are added too. Importantly, it is the broth that make the difference. The broth is thick and tasty, you have the option to choose either to add chili or tomato sauce. Both variety give different taste. I will suggest to take the chili version if you like spicy food.

Kueh Chap ($3.50 / $4.50 with Duck meat) - One of the best dish here, the kueh chap consist of pig skin, intestine, braised tau pok, pork meat, braised tau kee and peanuts. If you want to add duck meat, additional $1 which is worth it as the duck is very delicious. The sauce also enhance the ingredients flavour. Not so thick but tasty.

Verdict: 3 / 5

Price: around $3.50 onwards

I like the duck meat here and the food and price is reasonable here. Only service is abit slow. But who care if the food is nice right?

Try it if you drop by here.

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