Monday, 14 April 2014

Potbellies - Tiong Bahru

Formally known as Heart of House, Potbellies reopen its doors right at Kim Tian road again with their same values of delivering delicious food and heart warming service for their patrons. A wide selection of craft beers, food, dessert and drinks are available on the menu.

Look, Bottlecaps!! 

Step onto bottlecaps flooring as you pull open the glass panel. 

The cafe are decorated in vintage style. You get to see old school cups, TV etc etc

Spot the oldies MTV showing on top

Eat with comfort with hook underneath for your bags.

Handmade lightning and other oldies stuff

Current promotions

Plates from our grandparents's era

Checkered flooring

Retro and vintage toys and decorative items on the shelves

Dining table with chequered table top. This is not for decoration only, its the clever idea of the owner for customers to have a match of checkers or other old school games while waiting for food. This is to make their customers avoid using the handphone all the time. Sit back and enjoy a game or 2, laugh it out instead of looking at your handphone all day. Have a game, loser pay for the bill!! Hahahaha

Rootbeer Float ($8) - Rootbeer with vanilla ice cream

oldies cups

Original Wings ( $4) - Crispy and juicy. BBQ and garlic chilli winglets available too.

Otah Pizza ($22) - The weirdest ingredients you would find in your pizza - ikan bilis, otah and cucumber. Thick chunk of otah, generous toppings of cheese together with thin and crispy crust makes this local flavour pizza exceptionally outstanding. The spiciness is just right and adds on a punch to this savoury pizza. You would not stop with just one slice. Try eating your nasi lemak in pizza style!

Pistachio Crunch ($10) - This unique dessert definitely worth mentioning. Bottom layer of nutty pistachio biscuit base topped with light pistachio mousse. A perfect combination of smooth and crunchy texture hit the spot entirely. Overall not too sweet and the vanilla ice cream blends well with it too. Do not leave Potbellies without tasting this dessert.

Recent visit on 26/4/2014:

Potbellies Deluxe Pizza ($22) -  I like this very much, generous spreading of cheese on the top, hams, onions and mushroom as toppings really spice things here. The pizza is soft and juicy, thin crust is very crispy. recommended for pizza lover

Pork Knuckle ($55) - Gigantic Pork Knuckle with a serving of salad and gratin. This dish is highly recommended by the owner. The pork knuckle is marinated the day before and was cooked slowly in an oven to ensure crispy outer layer. The meat is flavoured but slightly on the salty side, but still taste delicious. Sambal chili and mustard sauce are provided, east and west fusion concept. If this is not enough, you still can dip into the brown sauce which was used to marinate the knuckle. 

Gratin - Come with the pork knuckle, smashed potatoes and bread 

Address: 16 Kim Tian Road, Singapore 169251 (5mins walk from Tiong Bahru MRT)
Opening Hours: Tue - Sun 3pm till 12am
closed on Mon and Public holiday
Tel: 63762338

Verdict: 4.5/5
Price: $20+

Potbellies certainly serves awesome food for their patron's bellies. This themed restaurant at the heartland of Tiong Bahru is a good place to chill and have a good meal with your friends or family. Though prices are slightly steep, the food and service certainly worth its value. Plus, the serve is good, the staff will on and off ask you for your opinions or have a chat or 2, interesting engagement which i am amuse and at the same time enjoying. Both indoor and outdoor seats are available. Will come back again to try other exciting dishes on the menu.

  • Taste(4)
  • Environment(5)
  • Service(5)
  • Clean(5)

  • Price(4)

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