Sunday, 27 April 2014

Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant

Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant

Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine served rice in traditional baskets and the dishes are charmed with the freshness of herbs cooked with meat and seafood to soups. The food and service here is outstanding no matter what you have you will be blown away. 

All sort of cooking awards being display here. Show how skilled the cook is. 

Kuek Pie Tee -  the filling is shredded turnips and carrots, topped with tomatoes, eggs and spices for colourfully appearance. The crust is delicious and crunchy. Abit oily thou.

Chin Chow, lemon tea, barley (Left to right)

Fishball soup - tasty broth, fishballs are chewy and bouncy

Ikan asam - Fish cooked in assam sauce. The sauce is sweet and sour, very delicious with you eat this with the white rice. 

Ayam buah keluak - It is a must order dish here. The chicken meat are braised and cooked with sweet sauce/ dark soy sauce with buah keluak. It is not spicy but tasty. 

 otak-otak, a popular blend of fish, coconut milk, chilli paste, galangal, and herbs wrapped in a banana leaf

Chap Chye (mixed vegetables stew)

White Rice served in basket

Verdict: 4 / 5

I like the food here especially the assam fish. The food here are made of fresh ingredients and taste delicious. However, you must remember to book for a seat if you intend to dine here so as to secure a seat. If not you might be disappointed as the restaurant might be fully booked especially during weekend night or public holiday. Walk in is not guarantee too as the ingredients brought are based on the number of table reserved, did not really cater for walk in unless there are cancellation of seats. 

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