Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup 万里香沙爹朱津


The famous satay celup in Malacca. It is one of the must visit place in Malacca. Expect long queue if you intend to eat at this place. You can smell the aroma of the satay sauce before you reach the restaurant. There are 2 restaurants of Ban Lee Siang, just beside each other. Both are open by brothers. I visited this outlet as there are more people queuing. Hahaha Lots of variety of ingredients available for choosing. Each ingredient are skewed by satay stick and per stick cost RM0.70. Depend on what you are choosing, so choose your food wisely.

Kangkong and Tau Kee

Tau Pok and Tau Kee

Beancurd, mushrooms, Otah in pandan (Nice, must take and try), hotdog, cheese beancurd, squid and cuttlefish

Bai Cai, chicken meat, liver, clams, prawn (must take too, fresh), fishballs

Squid cost 5 satay sticks

just dump whatever you want in this pot and let it cook. 

The whole pot is satay sauce, it is just like a hot pot but using satay sauce instead of soup. The sauce need frequent stirring if not the bottom will be burned which will spoil the whole pot and the peanut crunches will be lumpy. Overall taste is sweet and spicy. Taste normal to me. But the place is very hot and crowded, i didnt really enjoy much plus eating such a hot pot in a hot place really put me off. Oh, one more thing, the pot is reused for the next customers, if you dun mind such practice then come and have a taste of it. If you found any thing that are non food items you can ask to change the whole pot. Dont worry and enjoy the satay sauce!!

Opening Hour:
Mon.-Sun. 17:00-00:00

Price: RM 0.70 per stick

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