Sunday, 20 April 2014

Milk and Honey Gelato - Bedok 86

Milk and Honey Gelato

I had heard of this shop situated in the Bedok but have not actually step in here before as it is too far east from where i am staying. Finally have time to have visit this shop and have a taste of it. Located at the corner of Blk 86 bedok, this small little gelato shop offer wide range of gelato flavours such as chocolate and pistachio flavour which are they best seller. They also sell Mao Shan Wang flavour too for durian lover. 

Wide range of gelato selections. You can ask to taste them before deciding which flavours that you like to have

Set meals available, get the buddy meal if you want to try 2 different flavours of gelatos

Opening hours

White Mac & Shy Green nut ice cream waffles - The white mac consist of macadamia nuts and white chocolate. The mixture is supreme!! I totally like this flavour. Shy Green nut is made of pistachio and chocolate flakes. It does not fare too bad compare to the White Mac, strong pistachio taste which goes well with the chocolate flakes. Simply wonderful. Waffles taste normal. 

Phone 9838 0687

Verdict: 3 /5

Price: -

In terms of food, i really have not much complaint. Except for the fact that there are no syrup provided? Maybe i am used to having either maple or honey syrup to go with the ice cream waffles. But here, none was provided. Gelato is really good. no complaint.

Service provided is not that great. Stain and dirt can be seen from the utensils and cups that are provided. Really turn off when i saw all these.

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  • Environment(3)
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