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Dine on 3 - Silver Shell Cafe

Dine on 3 - Silver Shell Cafe

I heard that the food served in Rasa Sentosa is good, but i didnt have the chance to try. Finally, I had the opportunity to try out this cafe recently during lunch time. Dine on 3 located at Rasa Sentosa resort offer a large range of variety of food. From asian to local and to international cuisine. Even kids are looked after, the cafe actually cater a section just for kids and the food are kid's favorite. 

Roast meat sector

Roasted duck meat plated at the top and roasted pork at the bottom. The meat is crispy, juicy and tender, i totally love it. The pork is fatty which make it succulent. However, the what i find it lacking is that the meat is cold. 

International sector - pasta, potatoes, clams etc are plated here. Not really fond of this section

Indian cuisine sector - Range from biryani to curry to naan, all you can find for indian cuisine are here

Dessert section - Cakes, ice cream etc...

Kids corner - i must say 'wow', the kids are actually looked and being pampered here. The kids corner serve food such as hot dogs and nuggets here. Kid's favourite foods are all here, i must say this is a heaven for them. They really can enjoy eating here.

Cheese sector - Brie, mozzarella and chedder can be found here. There are biscuits and nuts provided too 

Local delights - i really enjoy the meat, they are really delicious 

Indian cuisine - not too bad, the food is not very spicy

Berries Crumble (Top), Deluxe cholocate (left), Tiramisu (right) - the berries crumble is really fantastic, crunchy and sweet. Together with the milk syrup, it bring the sweetness to another level. I highly recommend to try this berries crumble.  

Matcha ice cream with pistachio crunch - great taste, the matcha is strong, together with the pistachio, make the ice cream abit more sweet

Operating Hours
6.30am - 11pm daily 

Buffet breakfast 
6.30am – 10.30am 

Buffet lunch 
12noon – 2.30pm 

Buffet dinner 
6pm - 10pm daily

Verdict: 3 / 5

I enjoyed my lunch here. The food is good so does the service. The staffs are attentive to the customer's need and are always there to serve. However, the variety for lunch is not that great compare to the dinner thou.  It is great for family or friends gathering.

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