Friday, 4 April 2014

Heng Hua Restaurant 兴化美食 (Yishun)

Heng Hua Restaurant 兴化美食

 I only recently then found out about this restaurant located in Yishun selling 莆田 cuisine. Unknown to me till now that there are actually alot of places selling such cuisine. Hence i decided to pay a visit and have a taste of 福建莆田 cuisine. For your information, 兴化 is supposed to be famous for making Bee Hoon. When cooked, the white Bee Hoon is very delicious and absorb the essence of the broth very well.   

Set meals which i think very worth it for the prices

Homemade chilli, spicy and sour

Heng Hua Bee Hoon ($4/$8/$12) - I must say this is really worth the trip. The bee hoon is very tasty and delicious, look like it absorb the broth while cooking, hence the nice flavour. It may look dry but actually the fine bee hoon do not really stick together like a lump unlike other kind of bee hoon and it is tender. Ingredients include fresh clams, tau kee, sea weed and eggs. 

Heng Hua Lor Mee ($4/$8/$12) - Yes, this is THE WHITE Lor Mee. Cant believe right? Wait till you get a taste of this Lor mee, you will know the difference between local type and Heng Hua cuisine. The broth is thick and more starchy compare to local version which is more towards seasoning. Noodle used are different too. The noodle used here are more towards La Mian kind (chinese ramen). Ingredients include sliced mushrooms, clams, Tau Kee and vegetables. Personally i so not really like this dish, normal noodle dish like ban mian or mee hoon kueh can easily win over this dish. However, i still suggest you to try if you do not try before. 

Verdict: 3.5/5

Price: $4 onwards

I like the food here and i find the set meals very worth for its pricing. I have not try yet but i observe most of the customers ordered the set meals. Maybe i will drop by again to try. Overall i find the Bee Hoon have the most outstanding taste. 

Service is fast but there are no queue sequence as there do not have staff to entertain you. I waited 15mins for my food which i consider acceptable. 

Price is reasonable, just like Zi cha stall but serving good quality food. Definitely must try. 

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