Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Cafe

The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Cafe

 The Daily Scoop set up their third outlet in the north along the shophouses of Sembawang road. It is located between MacDonald and the famous Chong Pang Nasi Lemak. I went to try out this outlet to see if the standard remain the same.

Vibrant colours and decorations. 

Menu selections

recommended by shop staff - Salted Mister Brown. Indeed, very delicious flavour. 

Waffle set ($6.40): Buttery moist waffle with a scoop of of their best seller, Salted Mister Brown ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce. Waffle was more moist than crisp. Thought not fantastic, but still a decent warm waffle. On the other hand, the Salted Mister Brown was more outstanding and its taste is as fanciful as its name. Taste like salted caramel ice cream with bits of brownie within. Overall experience on the food is disappointing. Waffles are served at different standard. Sometimes cold waffle are served which make me think if the waffles are done before hand. (This is the feedback from my friend)

Avocado Ice Cream with Brownie - Strong avocado taste. Brownie is sweet and soft. Together with the ice cream, the feeling is marvelous.

Verdict: 3/5
Price: $6 onwards

The Daily Scoop is a good place to chill and gather with family and friends after a hearty meal along the shophouses. Do get your dessert craving fixed especially you are staying around the corners.

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