Thursday, 22 May 2014

搵到食 Wen Dao Shi Dim Sum

搵到食 Wen Dao Shi - Sims Avenue

Wen Dao Shi is a famous cantonese dim sum eatery at Geylang which is frequently filled up by dinner and supper crowds. 

Prawn Rice Roll 虾肠粉 ($3.80) - Rice roll was nice and smooth and comes with a special sauce which is not too sweet.

Big Prawn Dumpling ($4.80) -  As the name suggest, these dumplings was filled with large and juicy fresh prawns, wrapped with thin skin. 

Liu Sha Bao 流沙包 ($4) - Though it was written as liu sha bao on the menu, it was in fact an effortless mini bite-size custard bun which contain corn paste. There was no traces of salted egg yolk or butter taste and the filling was not oozing. The bun suits the children but not for those who are looking for flowy liu sha bao. Coffeeshop serves better custard bun.

Thai-style Fried Crab Dong Fen 干炒泰式 冬粉螃蟹 ($18) - One of the signature must order dish when you are here. Broth was fully absorbed by the glass noodles and it was full of garlic fagrance. Unlike usual Thai glass noodles which was stir fried with brown sauce and starchy, this version of crab glass noodles was one of the best i have tried that is less oily, not starchy and not sticking together towards the end. Crab was fresh and juicy too. The serving was just nice to be shared between 2 to 3.

I would certainly visit this dim sum eatery again as the selection is dim sum is very extensive and there is some popular items that I have yet to try. Do drop by early to avoid the supper crowd. 

Operating hour: Daily: 24 Hours

Verdict: 3.5 /5
Price: $16 per pax
Address: 126 Sims Avenue Singapore 387449

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