Saturday, 10 May 2014

食为先 - Bgan Coffee Shop (Yishun) [Closed]

食为先 - Bgan Coffee Shop

New coffee shop at Yishun ave 11, Bgan Coffee shop. There are lots of food available here, especially the Zi Char stall. Currently, they are offering special promotion for their curry fish head, beancurd and herbal chicken. Hence i decided to try it and see whether are they good anot.

Menu with lots of variety to select

Herbal Steamed Chicken ($8) - With that kind of price, i think it should be worth it. But consider the kind of food that are served to customer, i will suggest not to try out this dish. The meat is overcooked, very little broth and also i cant taste any herbal taste at all. 

Mushroom with Broccoli ($8 small) - Normal dish, broccoli and mushrooms are well cooked. Sauce is think and tasty. More importantly is that the mushrooms are big in size and quite alot 

Fish Head ($10) - Hmm, not a bad tasting dish. Although it is one side of the head, but there is quite alot of meat and the sauce is like thai style, sweet and sour. Overall quite a decent dish

Creamy Chicken ($10 small) - Well, at one glance i feel that wow this doesnt look bad. However, when i start to take a piece of the chicken, i realise most of the chicken pieces are bony and does not have alot of meat. $10 for such a dish really doesnt worth it. These are all unwanted parts and does not have much meat 

Tel: 8305 6661

Verdict: 3 / 5

Sadly, i didnt really enjoy the food here. The dishes are mostly disappointing and I feel that paying such a price for the food, i can find somewhere better. But still, it is still ok to have your meal here.

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