Friday, 9 May 2014

Standing Sushi Bar - 8 Queen Street

Standing Sushi Bar 

Here we are, at the famous and rave Standing Sushi bar at 8 Queen street. Well, the place is not really that hard to find, it is just located behind Singapore Art Museum and conveniently accessible via bus and MRT. Even before 6pm, there are already queue lining up outside the door. Hear that the sushi, handrolls and sashimi are one of the best that you can find in Singapore. Hence giving it a try.

Interior of the shop, consist of counter seats and table & chairs. Luckily i do not need to stand to eat my food. I can choose where ever i want to sit. Haha

Monday - $3 salmon sashimi, $2 sake, $5 beer, wine, hot sake, and umeshu
Tuesday - 50% off nigiri sushi, sashimi, and alcohol (housepour glass)
Wednesday - 50% off rolls, handrolls, and alcohol (housepour glass)
Thursday - $3 salmon sashimi, $2 sake, $5 beer, wine, hot sake, and umeshu

Promotions that are on going from Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday. Really worth the price if you want to try the food out here. I recommend to come on either Tuesday or Wednesday instead as it will be more filling for you. Come on these days to make your money more worthwhile. 

Sushi menu, not really alot of choices to choose from ...

Soyu and chopsticks 

Puff the Magic Dragon (18.90) - Prawn tempura and cucumber wrapped with grilled eel. Dragon's eyes made from Roe while the body consist of grilled eel. The eel is not overly grilled but tasty and delicious. Topped with small roe on each pieces of sushi, it really make the sushi more crunchy to chew on. 

is it looking at u??

You can see prawn, egg omelette, cucumber, grilled eel and roe jus on one piece of sushi, isnt it amazing?? I really love it 

Rockstar Roll ($16.90) - Salmon wrapped around mozeearella and topped with mentaiko sauce. Recommended for cheese lover. The cheese are wrapped in the sushi while the mentaiko sauce is cheesy as well. Must eat while hot, once the sushi is cool, the cheese do not taste that nice and become more sweet. Really feel bloated after eating this.

Cheese on the inside and the outer top layer. Hmmm yummy

All Salmon All The Time (16.00) - Seared salmon wrapped around raw salmon and avocado, and topped with tobiko. Still cheesy but hey, there are salmon wrapping. It help to reduce the cheesiness alot, making the salmon more delightful to chew on and it is juicy too. Avocado also play a part in lessen the cheesiness. The whole combination are fantastic 

Side view of the sushi, it make me hungry again!!!

Crabby Chicken (17.90) - soft-shell crab with chicken floss on the top. Chicken floss are sweet and flaky. But the soft shell crab do not take crispy to me, it taste soft like fried after a long time. Do not recommend at all

3 snakes of sushi!! haha

Address: 8 Queen Street, #01-03 Singapore Art Museum Singapore 188535
Opening Hours: 1200-1430, 1800-2200
Tel: 63331335

Verdict: 4/5
Price: $15++

I like the food here except the Rockstar which are more cheesy than I can handle. Overall, i still prefer the Dragon and Salmon dish. Both are good and delicious. The crappy chicken is really a crap. It dun really make me feel like eating anymore after taking abit. Totally tasteless and not even crunchy at all. So what the point of having the crunchy soft shell crab??

Staffs are attentive and fast to request. Maybe the downside is that they are too prompt which make me feel like i should get going and not stay behind and enjoy my drink. Staff also do not automatically refill your tea for you once your plates are cleared. Really cant assume that customers are done with their meal.

Price is steep if there are no promotion. I do not recommend here if you come during Friday to Sunday. It will cost a bomb and i do not think the sushi are worth that kind of the price.

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