Monday, 5 May 2014

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles

I am very lucky to visit this stall during the weekend and there was no queue. Overheard from other customers asking why there are no queue that day which the stall owner also dumbfound. Usually, the queue can snake all the way up to the other end of the coffee shop. I think chinese newspaper just posted a article on this stall, think it will be flooded with people soon. This famous Bak Chor Mee is among one of the best you can find. Some say this is better than the bedok's version. 

The mee is served from either dry or soup. However, the price is abit steep, range from $5, $6, $8, $10. But i am sure that once you take a bite at the noodle, you will know the price is worth it. 

Only 4 sauces are used to mix the sauce. I could only guess that they consist of vinegar, pork lard with oil, chili sauce  (of course its a must), and the last sauce look like light soy sauce.  

Do not touch sign is posted on this container. What can be observed are the minced meat, liver and pork meat. All ingredients are fresh and certainly tasty

The noodles are very firm and Q to chew. Tender and fresh pork mince, pork meat and liver are added as topping. You can also find dry fish and dumplings in the mixture of noodle. The noodles have a very stong vinegar taste and smell, highly recommended for those who love vinegar. The chilli is also shiok. I like that spiciness that goes well with the noodle as a whole. Very satisfying. I love the pork balls too, no stinky smell. This really portray how well prepared the ingredients are and the freshness.

Seaweed soup!!! Haha, i ordered the $8 dish, maybe this is something extra. The soup is tasty and i can taste of pork and fresh seaweed. Certainly worth the price.

Operation hour: 9.30 am to 8pm

Verdict: 4/5 (Taste)

I totally love the bak chor mee. Although it is abit pricey but consider the tastiness and freshness of the food, i feel that it is worth it, once in awhile. Comparable to Bedok version. What do you think? Come and give it a try.

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