Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Zhong Tai Restaurant 中泰 - Melaka

Zhong Tai Restaurant

Located along the street of Melaka, this shop is near to hotel like Hatten and Equatorial hotel and some other smaller inn or hostel. Chinese cuisine are served here and its taste quite good too. 

Braised Pork sliced (RM 15) - Not too shabby, abit spicy but still tolerable. Sliced pork are thinly cut and very tender and tasty. Recommended!

Black Pepper Crab (RM83- around 800 - 900g) - To me, i feel that this black pepper crab feel more like crispy black pepper crab. The crab is very crispy on the outside, seem like they are deep fried before cooking over the black pepper sauce. Meat is fresh. Overall, i find this normal only, not really very fantastic as I taste better versions... 

Chili Crab (RM83- around 800 - 900g) - Very tasty, i really love this chili crab. The sauce is spicy yet sweet, prefer to eat with buns rather than white rice. The meat is fresh as they dont stick to the shell, juicy too. Recommended to try!!

Prawn paste chicken (RM 15) - Hmm, normal tender chicken, prawn paste not that strong, not really fascinated by this chicken. 

Sambal vegetable (RM 15) - Local vegetable although it look like kangkong but it isnt. Texture is soft and crunchy, name in malay which i cant really remember. Quite nice, i strongly recommend this dish

Thai style sweet & sour steam fish (RM 48) - Signature dish. Really really very delicious. The fish is tender and fresh, mouth watering. The fish is steamed with sweet and sour broth. Very yummy and appetizing. Small fish is really not enough. Spice came from the chili padi, while other ingredients include lime, pineapple cubes, sliced onions. I really love this fish.  

Verdict: 3 / 5

Out of the 6 dishes, i like 4 of them which show that the food here is tasty and delicious. But still this is my opinions, which may differ from others. Food are freshly cooked and most of them very tasty. Service is not that good as I have to try alot of times just to grab a staff's attention.

Overall experience is still ok, i might drop by again to try other dishes.

  • Taste(4)
  • Environment(3)
  • Service(3)
  • Clean(3)

  • Price(4)

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