Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant - Melaka (Malaysia)

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

This had been quite awhile, i didnt manage to have time to post this. Visited on November 2013 when i was in Malacca, Malaysia. 

3 floor high, all belong to the restaurant

Either u can choose to sit on the chair or on the floor

Pumpkin Soup and green tea provided after you had settled down

Air vacuum to suck up all the oil and grease 

Alot of side dishes.....

Pork, pork ribs and beef tongues

The staff will be helping you to BBQ, no need to dirty your hands... hahaha

Ginseng Chicken soup - Not bad, but last of ginseng taste, overall normal taste

Kimchi rice cake - Spicy yet tasty, it is recommended for 2 pax as the portion is very big

Kimchi fried pancake - Yummy, crispy and spicy. It is not very oily too. Highly recommended.

Verdict: 3 / 5

Price: RM 120+

Food taste ok, nothing surprise me. Maybe just for the fried kimchi pancake which taste better. Too many houseflies in the restaurant although the place is ari-conditional, it is irritating and not hygienic.

Overall i will not be visiting this place again unless there are really nothing to eat.

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