Monday, 24 February 2014

Noodle soup with Chicken - Chatuchak (Bangkok)

Noodle soup with Chicken - Chatuchak

It is really a must to try out the chicken noodle when visiting Chatuchak Weekend Market. The noodle soup with braised chicken drumstick is absolutely delicious, especially when added the extra dried chili. that I poured into the soup.With as little as 50baht, you get to enjoy this heavenly dish in Chatuchak Weekend Market.

The Noodle Soup with Chicken is actually located at Section 21, Soi 29 facing Soi 47. The nearest gate is "Gate 3". 

Opening hour is at 11am, i am so hungry to have some of their chicken noodle

The Noodle Soup with Chicken shop have different types of noodles available to choose : Kway Teow, Bee Hoon (Rice vermicell) and Yellow Noodles. 


I chose rice vermicell since it will be able to absorb the essence of the broth totally. The chicken is tender and soft, very fresh too. Chicken knuckles are filled with tendons and chewy. Broth is tasty and sweet too, it does have abit of braised flavour in it. Add a bit of powdered chili if you like the spiciness.   

Location of this stall:

Section 21, Soi 29 facing Soi 47

Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road
Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand


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