Sunday, 23 February 2014

Dong Fang Bird Nest - Yaowarat (Bangkok)

Dong Fang Bird Nest

When you visit Thailand, Bangkok, and you feel like having some chinese cuisine and also at the same time don't feel like paying alot, visit Yaowarat. Bangkok own chinatown where you can find alot of local chinese food. This stall sell bird nest at different price, range from 100baht to 500baht. Of course the quality of the bird nest is different like the prices. But this is still relatively cheaper if you are to taste them at different country like Singapore.   

Different prices, different pots of bird nest. The staff is more than willing to show you how they look like.

200 baht bird nest cooked in rock sugar

Much more bigger size bits, other than that it just taste the same as bottled bird nest

100baht bird nest cooked in coconut, the broth is coconut juice which make it more unique. However the bird nest are more fine and hardly chew-able.

I will suggest to order the 200baht bird nest for better texture

The shop also sell shark fin which you can order beside bird nest. Order or not depend on your decision.

Verdict: 3 / 5

Price: 100 baht onwards

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