Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Citrus House - Clarke Quay (Singapore)

The Citrus House

Located in Central Mall, Clarke Quay, this restaurant is hidden away from the main flow of people. Never the less, the food that are served here are certainly great and hold quality.  

NTUC card members enjoy 10% off Ala Carte!!! Great right?

Impressed by the decorations and cleanliness 

Daily Lunch Special!!!

Homemade Wild Mushroom soup ( $5.80)

Caesar Salad ($5.80) - choice of adding additional chicken meat for $1.50 or Crab meat for another $2

Slow Cook Leg Of Lamb ($15.80) - Yummy! Totally can't even taste the smelly mutton smell. The mutton was cooked in this braised sauce that kill off the mutton smell and yet tasty. Mashed potatoes are freshly made and there are other vegetables and mushrooms as toppings. Recommended dish to try. 

Smoked salmon sandwich ($9.80) - Toasted bread with fresh salmon, tomatoes, cabbages, mayonnaise as fillings. Toasted bread are crispy and yet soft. Salmon are tasty and fresh, Certainly a healthier choice for most woman out here who focus on their figure and yet want to have something tasty. Fries are included as sides, but you can ask for salad instead.  

Signature Citrus Duck Confit ($14.80) - Crispy duck leg resting on top of mash potatoes and a generous serving of vegetables and small potatoes. The meat goes very well with the brown mushroom sauce. Certainly make the whole dish alot nicer.

Mango Cake

Warm Chocolate Cake ($6) - Woooo, warm chocolate flow ooze out of the chocolate cake. Ice cream resting on top of chocolate crumbs. Choice of ice cream: macha, vanilla & chocolate. I recommend all to choose vanilla flavour as this goes very well with the warm chocolate cake. Really a must try dish.

Location: Central Mall, 1 Magazine Rd #01-06/07, Clarke Quay District, 059567
Phone: +65 6536 3877
Opening hour: 10:00am - 10:00pm

Verdict: 4 / 5

Price: around $10 - $20 ( NO GST & SERVICE CHARGE)

Cheap price and you get wonderful and delicious food and service. Cleanliness is really tip top which already score an A, plus the staffs are attentive and serve with passion.

Food is really delicious, for such price I will definitely recommended all to come.

There is another new outlet at Woodlands Swimming pool. That outlet sell similar food too.

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