Sunday, 23 June 2013

Necessary Provisions Review - Coffee and dessert

Necessary Provisions

The theme of the shop is black + plants. As you can see, there are plants everywhere in the shop. It is a small and cosy little shop with a few waitresses. Half of the shop are cater to their coffee machine and kitchen, so the space for customer is limited. So, you will have to wait for awhile for available seating.

Cake of the day - Grapefruit + Yogurt cake. For a slice of cake, this cost $4 SGD is considered a little expensive. But what you can taste from the cake is really grapefruit. When you put a piece of the cake into you mouth, you experience sourness first, as you chew, the bitterness slowly set in. You get to taste layers of different taste as you chew which is why this cake is really worth the price.

The drink is ice hojicha tea. Heard from the waitress, this drink is extracted from concentrated hojicha in the form of ice. The drink is collected as the ice melted. Try it, it is really refreshing.

Ice coffee with milk. The drink is served with coffee cubes. Yesh, ice cubes in the form of coffee. You will have to wait for cubes to melt first!!! No worries, there is a serving of milk which can facilitate the melting process. Pour the milk and stir the mixture. You will see the milky white changes to brownish colour. Interesting right? New way of drinking ice coffee. It recommended to wait for the cubes to be fully melted before drinking the ice coffee so that you get to enjoy the taste of the coffee.

Otah dipper. Homemade dish which taste great. For those that do not know what is otah, it is a dish made from mixture of spice and fish meat. The otah is not very spicy, hence suitable for everyone to have a bit. The bread that comes with it is very crispy and go well with the otah. It is similar to French dip, but modify to suit the locals here as spicy food are preferred. 

Tuna sandwich. I am not very fond of this dish. Really do not 'wow' me at all. The sandwich's filling consist of tuna, spices and cucumbers. Homemade dish without a surprising factor. In addition, the salad is added with olive oil which doesn't push the flavor of this dish much. I will definitely not order this dish for the next visit.

Overall: 3.5 /5

  • Taste(3)
  • Environment(4)
  • Service(4)
  • Clean(4)

  • Price(3)

Verdict: For relaxation and chill out, it is a good place to be, drink and food  is normal, nothing much to expect except for the otah dipper. Will drop by if i have time to spare.

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