Sunday, 9 June 2013

Carpenter and Cook Review - Dessert Cafe

A small shop located at the west of Singapore. This shop look no different from the other shops along the street. But once you enter the shop, you see Vintage. Yes, the furniture, decorations and utensils are old but well maintain. However, this shop still draw crowds during the weekends and be prepare to queue for their food if you did not place any reservation.  

They have a wide range of selection for pastries to cakes and to drinks. The pastries and cakes are freshly made and displayed for customers selection. You can just order for them off the shelves.


Sea Salt chocolate tart. It look like a tart with chocolate filling, nothing exciting from the outside. But, once you put a piece of that tart into your mouth, you know that it is actually more yummy than it look. Below the chocolate layer, there is a spread of caramels which goes well with the chocolate and the crust. Together with a pinch of sea salt, you will not get overwhelming sweet taste.   

Lemon Meringue cake. The cake is soft and spongy with lemon filling and cream top. I do not feel "wow" by it, maybe is because I tasted better ones. But still, it is not that bad.

Shower me rain "Lemon cake".  The cake is soft and not dry. The lemon frosted top look like the cake are drenched by lemon rain!! A simple cake with a zest of lemon which is nice for a tea break.

Lemon 'passion fruit' Meringue tart. This is definitely a must order pastry if you really like sourly stuff. You can taste the passion fruit and lemon going well together. The crust is crispy and chewy. You will just keep eating and wanting more. The cream on the top help to reduce the sourness quite a bit. Must try.  


Latte and cappuccino respectively. The coffee is good but not that special. Interestingly, serving plates and tea spoon are served with different cups of coffee. You will not get the same serving plates and tea spoon most of the time.  

Rating: 4/5

  • Taste(4)
  • Environment(5)
  • Service(4)
  • Clean(4)

  • Price(3)

Nice place to chill out and relax, I will come back again to try other stuffs.

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