Sunday, 16 June 2013

Spruce Review - Western food


I happened to passby this place, hence pop in for dinning experience.This shop is located at Upper Bukit Timah, in an colonial style fire station. It is surrounded by nature as you will be able to see a more greener side of singapore. It is recommended that you drive as the location is quite inconvenient if you are taking other mean of transportation. The long glass windows allow you to enjoy warm sunlight during the day while you having brunch and serene views of nature at night while you chill out. 

They do serve dessert, unfortunately, i did not try them. Hopefully will try it if I have a chance.

Fresh Lemonade and Ice Lemon tea. Personally, I regret ordering the ice Lemon tea. It really taste sour. I will recommend the lemonade instead. It is refreshing with the zest of mints.  

Roasted “Pullet” Chicken. Broccolini, mashed potato in rosemary veloute is beautifully place with the roasted chicken. The chicken is nicely done, or at least I did not see any uncook portion since this is a drumstick. The meat is not hard and easily chew. Potato is tasty and go well with the chicken. 

Spruce Burger. The burger is stuffed with pickles, lettuces, beef patty and cheddar cheese. It comes with herbed fries too. This dish is recommended by some friends too. Overall, it taste good. The burger is soft and you know that is is freshly made. The beef patty is thick and juicy. Really taste good. A must try dish if you happened to be there.

Beef and Pork Pinchos. The beef is incredible, nicely done and yummy. There are some spice and herds added to the meat, but the spice level is acceptable to me as i do not take very spicy stuff. Pork meat are mixed with herds too which make it more fragrant. With the tomato sauce, this dish really increase my appetite.

Overall: 4/5

  • Taste(3)
  • Environment(5)
  • Service(5)
  • Clean(4)

  • Price(3)

Average spending is $45 after GST + service charge

Verdict: Clean place, you feel comfortable to enjoy your food. Felt that the price is abit too high for such quality of food, but still not too bad

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