Sunday, 12 July 2015

Hotel Marte - Venice

About 5-10 mins walk from Venice train station to Hotel Marte. Quite convenient as I save the hassle to queue for boat tickets as the queue is irritability long. 

Flights of stairs that you need to carry your  luggage up when is the most tiring part

Big reception area, you can leave your luggage here if you arrive before checking timing of 3pm

This is from Room 2 which i was assigned to for the night, Queen size bed with basic amenities. Most importantly, there is air-conditional  

Showing area is a big small and really bad planning for the shower curtain as it seem to block off half of the bathroom after I drawn it. Water pressure is weak, do not expect strong gush of water from the shower head

Review: 3 / 5

Not bad for a night and i felt comfortable during the stay. Poor attitude and service from the staff.

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