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Victor's Kitchen - Sunshine Plaza

I have heard so much about Victor's Kitchen and had pass by this cafe many times. Finally, after so many years, i get to try their famous dim sum. Located in Sunshine plaza, along side with the famous parklane wanton noodle, this cafe is always packed with customers especially during meal hours and weekend. 

If you are willing to wait, which waiting hour could be quite long, then you get to chance to taste their wonderful handmade dim sum.

HK Summer Iced Tea (冰镇奶茶) $3.20 -  Smooth in texture and rich in flavour. This is their famous iced milk tea. The ratio of tea and milk are in right proportion which i like, with acceptable sweetness. The cup of tea is place in a bowl of ice so that the ice will not dilute the drink and  affect its taste. Very considerate thought for the customers.  

Golden Egg Yolk Lava Buns (黄金流沙包) $4.80 - Bestseller

One of their bestseller, the salted egg yolk oozed out from the bun when you take a bite at it. Savoury, buttery and rich in flavour. The buns are fluffy and soft in texture. It is really nice to eat with the filling in it. These buns are a must try.  

Oozing egg yolk in action!!!!!

Siew Mai $4.80 - 4 pieces of pork filled dumplings. The pork are juicy and sweet and the fillings are quite generous considered that it is wrapped thinly. Yummy!! I would recommend this dish. 

Victor's King Prawn Dumpling (超级虾饺皇) $5.20 - This is another must try dish. The dumplings were sweet and crunchy, it is also filled with 2 whole BIG prawns wrapped within the dumpling!! Wow!!! Usually, most Har Kao are wrapped with  1 or 1 & half prawn in it. Hence, this is really a surprise and enjoyment to me.

Chili Specialty - Don't be deceived by it's look, this is really spicy. I guess it is made up of dry chili and garlic and blend together? LOL, try it yourself.  

Steamed Carrot Cake w/ XO Sauce (XO酱干贝腊味蒸萝卜糕) $4.80 - This is one of their specialty dish. On the outside, the steamed carrot cake look like paste. However, after u cut it open, strands of carrots slices lay underneath the paste. This diminished the overall texture of this dish. I only like the upper layer of the paste. Although the strands of carrot are soft, but it just don't match with the texture. Really disappointed. Light soy sauce are poured over the carrot cake for flavour,

Prawn Chee Cheong Fun $4.80 - 3 prawns in each rolls with light soy sauce pour over it.

Golden "Bo Lo" Char Siew Butter Buns (菠萝蜜汁叉烧包)$5.20 - A new item on the menu. You can really smell the butter when it is served hot. Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. The buns are filled with chunky pork meat fillings.

Did you see the chunky pork meat in the bun???

Nemo's Porridge $4.80 - Sliced fish with preserved egg porridge. A bit bland in flavour but it comes with generous serving of sliced fish and eggs. Porridge are cooked till slightly thicken and mushy texture.  

Verdict 3.5 /5
Address: 91 Bencoolen Street Sunshine Plaza, #01-49 Singapore 189652 
Tel : 98382851
Operating hour: Mon-Sun, 10:30am - 8:00pm

Well, i wasn't expected much since i heard that the standard of food drop drastically. I feel that most of the food here are edible but nothing fantastic. I like the "Bo Lo" Char Siew Butter Buns served here as it is really delicious and fragrant while serve hot. The ice milk tea is also tasty and smoothing.   
The service i receive wasn't that great too. For me as a first timer, the "auntie" simply place the order form on the table and leave without any instructions. So i ordered the food that i like to have and "seek" someone to attend to me. The time that i went was after 2pm, after lunch hour, hence by right shouldn't have much difficulty seeking for attention. But it prove otherwise.

Despite all, i still feel that you should come and visit here if you have not done so. I will visit here again if i really have an urge to eat the dim sum.

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