Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bollywood Veggies - Kranji

Bollywood Veggies is one of a unique rural scene of Singapore which is well hidden at a deep corner of Kranji and Lim Chu Kang region. Due to its inaccessible location, the place is not too crowded and it provide a peaceful stroll by the vegetable and flower gardens after a meal. Poison Ivy is a restaurant within Bollywood Veggies which provide an organic dining option for the visitors, to have a healthy and satisfying meal while at the farm. Vegetarian meal available as well.

Poison Ivy Cafe - outdoor seating

Air Conditional cafe

Menu written on chalk board

Dessert and drinks menu. One of the hightly recommended item is the banana cake which is made from the bananas freshly plucked from the tree.

Banana cake ($3.50) - Warm and moist with rich banana taste. Cake is firm and yet soft in texture. With just one bite, you will be able to taste the banana straight away. It is best to eat it immediately while its served warm. Absolutely fresh and delicious. Recommended!!

Aleo Vera ($3) - Aleo vera cubes are small and in small quantity. Not too sweet, organic right!!

Warrior's Platter ($20) - This value for money platter consist of 6 dishes: curry chicken, chap chye, fried vegetables, chicken wings, achar and tofu with mixed vegetables. Platter is served with brown rice. Larger platter is available for 4pax as well.

Chap Chye - Fresh vegetables that are grown in the farm. Very crunchy.

Fried Vegetables - I guess they fried the vegetables. It is crunchy and crispy and at the same time not too oily. Rather bland in flavour

Warrior's Chicken Curry - Woooo, this is one good dish. Abit spicy but at the same time slightly sweet and sour. Guess its due to the bits of pineapple added into the curry. The chicken meat is tender and firm, highly recommended

Achar Fish (left) and Tofu with Vegetables (right)

Bollywings - Crispy chicken wings 

Home made Fig tea and Banana cakes for take away

Besides dining, Bollywood Veggies is definitely a good place for family bonding especially during the weekend or school holidays. It is definitely an educational trip for young children as all plants and flowers are neatly labelled all around the farm. A rewarding experience with great air, food and environment, but do not forget your insect repellent!

Verdict: 3.5/5

Address: 100 Neo Tiew Road, 719026
Opening Hours: Wed to Fri 0930 - 1830
Sat, Sun & PH 0800 - 1830
Tel: 6898 5001


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