Monday, 5 January 2015

Ichi Tei Japanese Bento & Udon

Uncovering the great food that are available in Sunshine Plaza beside Victor's kitchen and Wanton mee. Ichi Tei Japanese Bento & Udon, which is located just beside  Parklane Zha Yun Tun (Wanton) Mee House offer affordable Japanese food with good quality. 

Ichi Tei Japanese Bento & Udon is a small shop that cater 5 tables of customers only, hence be prepared to wait if the shop is full or you are with more than 4 people as there won't be any table that can sit large group of customers.

From the menu, spoiled of choice from Don to udon to Sashimi that are available for ordering. However, do remember to check for the type of sashimi that are available for the day as it may differ depending on supply. 

Sides and drinks 

Sashimi Moriawase ($18) - 3 different kind of sashimi served, we have HUGE pieces of salmon, swordfish (white colour thingy that you seeon top) and clam ( the one in red which i presume). Fresh and sweet, are the 2 words that came to my mind. Spread some wasabi on the sashimi to kill off bacteria. 

Chawanmushi ($2.50) - Nice little pot of steamed egg with chicken meat and narutomaki fish cakes

Chicken Teriyaki Don ( $7.50) - This is one of the popular dish which you must order and try. The Chicken meat is grilled in the oven and this really test the skill of the chef. The top layer of the chicken was grilled to slightly charred and at the same time the meat is fully cooked and succulent. The teriyaki sauce which was then pour over the meat and seep onto the rice, making it fragrant and savory. Each bite on the  meat making me to want more!!

Thick meat chuck!!!

Tel: 91391746 
Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 8.30pm (Closed on Sun)

Verdict: 4 /5

I really love their food, the quality is high and price is pretty much affordable too compare to other Japanese restaurant that offer similar range of japanese food. Service is prompt and fast, i didnt have to wait for too long for my food.

The only concern i have should be the ventilation. Poor ventilation and i smell of food after i left that shop. Other than that, the rest met my standard.

I will definitely come back again, maybe not when i am working in my office wear. Haha

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