Sunday, 11 January 2015

Soup Restaurant - Nex Outlet

A short food summary on Soup Restaurant as i think most Singaporean are familiar with this restaurant and especially the Samsui Chicken which are famous. 

Samsui Ginger Chicken (Large $32.90) - Signature dish from this restaurant. The chicken meat are tender and juicy, fresh!!. Eat with the minced ginger to give you a wonderful taste combination. A really must try dish.

Fried Rice - Delicious and fragrant are the 2 words to describe this fried rice. The rice is cooked finely with oil and right amount of heat hence the rice does not stick together. Generously serving of seafood such as prawns and slice fish.  

Homemade Tofu with Spicy sauce ($9.90) - Deep fried tofu with chili sauce poured over it. Sprinkled with fried onions and spring onions to enhance the taste. Chili sauce is starchy and spicy. Really good for chili lovers. Fairly simple dish with no "wow' factor.

Claypot Salmon (small $15.80) - It is fried salmon stir fry with black pepper in a claypot with garnishes like green pepper and onions. I think the salmon are cooked separately as the claypot look super clean with no burnt area. Hardly taste the black pepper. Really disappointed with this order.  

Verdict 3.5/5

Only the signature dish like the Samsui Chicken is delicious, for the rest of the dishes taste normal. I am not fascinating by the food and the price is fairly steep.

The service is slow and not good. Staff took wrong order and i have to wait for very long for my food to arrive. It is also hard to catch the staff's attention if I need to refill my tea or asking to take order.

Overall, i won't come back again unless there are really no other restaurants for me to visit.


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